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Mexico’s Fox Exposed as Globalist and Tyrant

In an epic debate titled: Nationalism Vs. Globalism, between former Mexican president Vincente Fox and Mr. Brexit, Nigel Farage, the former exposed himself as a tyrant fighting for globalist causes at the expense of freedom and democracy. This exposure will come as no surprise to those who have followed his career, but to the audience, and even the pro-Fox debate chair, the Wall Street Journal’s Mary Kissell, this appeared to unnerve them in quite a spectacular way. To read more click here.

The Racist History of the Gun Control Movement

Black Americans represent the majority of the victims of gun homicide in the United States. Gun control legislation has done nothing to decrease the number of black men and women who are killed by murderers using guns. Indeed, they have only served to make it harder for law-abiding blacks to obtain firearms that they could use to defend themselves. If you’re on the pro 2nd Amendment side, you know that this argument applies to all law-abiding Americans. To read more click here.

Democrats Cry Foul on Omnibus Rollback

Just as conservatives were winding down the gnashing of teeth at Trump for signing a fat-packed $1.3 trillion omnibus bill, a little known legal loophole has reared its head, giving hope to Republicans while Democrats cry foul.  Just the mere mention of Congressional Budget and Impound Control Act, which allows a possible revocation of certain funds, has the left scurrying for their buckets of rocks as they prepare for battle in The Swamp. To read more click here.


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