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Mamma Mia! Is the US Headed for Dancing Queen or SOS?

If ABBA can pull off the most unlikely of reunions, why not America?

ABBA’s unlikely comeback has heartened many fans, but their story of division, breakup, and emotional reunion shed some light on what might be in store for the United States sometime in the future?

I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do

The four Swedes burst onto the world stage in 1974 when they won the Eurovision Song Contest with Waterloo, which later became a world hit. It launched their careers into stardom, and for eight years, they produced 48 hit singles. These two married couples captured the world’s imagination by portraying family happiness in an era of one-night stands and groupies.


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However, the idyllic story did not last. Infighting and an extremely stressful superstar life led to the breakup of both marriages. There were the usual ingredients: jealousy, envy, and possibly some spicy infidelity. In 1982, ABBA was dissolved. The broken hearts and backstabbing had created such a toxic relationship that in 2000, the four band members were reported to have turned down an offer of one billion dollars to reunite.

I Still Have Faith in You

Then, as if by a miracle, out of the blue, ABBA announced that after 40 years, it had reunited, recorded a brand-new album called Voyage, and created young digital avatars of the band members. These “ABBAtars” were used to record and create a virtual world concert tour set to launch in the spring of 2022 in a custom-built stadium. That’s what you call a comeback.

Lessons for America

Their story is not only touching, but it may serve as a microcosm of what is possible in the face of adversity, polarization, antagonism, backstabbing, ingratitude, low blows, and cheating. It took them 40 years, but they did forgive, settle their past grievances, and reunify as friends.

In their first single from the new album, the lyrics state: “We stand on this summit, humble and grateful to have survived.” The American language has gained many new words in the last few years, such as “woke,” “transphobic,” “zhe,” and “zher,” but ABBA also reminds us of the words that have been lost: humility and gratitude.

Dancing Queen?

Do Americans still have it in them? On the surface, it looks bleak. The globalist elites cheated on the middle class with sordid affairs with the Chinese communist party and cheap illegal immigrant labor. Conservatives took the marriage called the United States for granted and allowed creeps to capture the educational institutions. On both sides of the political spectrum, Middle America was screwed by cosmopolitans with no allegiance to the marriage vows of the constitution.

However, if four aging Swedes can do it, why not America? Maybe it will take 40 years to heal the wounds of deception, cheating, mistrust, and abuse, but perhaps one day, the United States will make the comeback of the millennium.

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