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London Anti-Trump Protest Photo Journal

by | Jul 15, 2018 | Liberty Nation News

Trump’s visit to the U.K. was marked by rallies both of welcome and of protest. Liberty Nation was on the ground to capture it all so here we present a series of photos illustrating the anti-Trump protests that took place on Friday, July 13.

The Trump Baby blimp “flying over” London.

The Women’s March assembles in Parliament Square to protest.

A confrontation between Trump protestors and a small group of pro-Trump, pro-Tommy Robinson supporters; police keep the two groups separate.

A large protest starts in Trafalgar Square, organized by the group Stop Trump.

A second incident where some anti-Trump protestors surround the same group of pro-Trump supporters seen earlier, who are now enjoying some drinks in this pub. Police soon whisk the pro-Trump group away, while the anti-Trump protest continues into the night.

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