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California State Representative Leland Yee (D) may be familiar to you; he was once very open about his anti-gun agenda, famously telling CBS in 2012 that “It is extremely important that individuals in the state of California do not own assault weapons. I mean that is just so crystal clear — there is no debate, no discussion.” Two years later, he was federally indicted for — of all things — gun trafficking.  He also pled guilty to taking bribes in exchange for votes on legislation, according to the San Francisco Gate. Now he’s going to prison for five years, and even the Washington Post is forced to admit that Rep. Lee has a long history of corruption and moral lapses.

If you missed Tucker Carlson’s show last night, February 27, then you missed an entertaining debate between Mr. Carlson and Bill Nye, known as The Science Guy. Mr. Nye argued that those who disagree with the climate change agenda are suffering from cognitive dissonance.  The ensuing debate is worth watching at FOX News.

Tucker Carlson went on Twitter later to point out that he loves liberals; he just doesn’t want them governing him.

In Palm Coast, Florida, the annual craze over Girl Scout cookies got a bit more insane outside the local Wal-Mart, according to FOX. Police officials said that there was an altercation at the Girl Scout table over a $20 debt. Two brothers who apparently wanted to collect the money owed by one of the girls selling cookies “punched a man, woman and teenager” and then started smashing cookie boxes — hopefully none of the ones containing Thin Mints.

Finally, we have something sure to make your tax season even more unpleasant — the knowledge that your hard-earned cash is going to Uganda, where the U.S. federal government has decided that it must study transgender women. Nearly $400,000 has gone to the project thus far; researchers lament that there is “almost [a] complete lack of research examining the HIV risk of sexual minority women and transgender people” in the African country.  No word on how much funding the government of Uganda is providing for the study.

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