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LN Radio 7/26/20 – Do Presidential Polls Even Matter Anymore?

The same gang of pollsters who predicted a sweeping victory for Hillary Clinton are at it again.

by | Jul 26, 2020 | LN Radio, Politics

Are polls showing Joe Biden comfortably ahead of President Trump truly meaningful? And, as violence against people, institutions and property continues unabated in cities across the nation, is it right for President Trump to send in federal agents to restore the order that Democrat leaders refuse to restore – or is this just a law and order strategy that’s all about the election? Has Black Lives Matter had its moment, or will we continue to witness unchecked violence in urban America right through the election? What is the specific agenda of BLM? We consider those questions and more with LibertyNation.com Political Columnist Joe Schaeffer and Socio-Political Correspondent Jeff Charles. Plus, we examine the state of liberty with LN Legal Affairs Editor Scott Cosenza in talkin’ liberty.

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