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LN Radio 11/1/20 – 2020 Election: Crunch Time Arrives

Will America choose to continue the populist uprising, or return to the oh-so-familiar establishment?

This is it. The shouting is almost over and Tuesday the nation will decide who should lead us for the next four years, amidst those six most precious words in democracy … the privacy of the voting booth. We consider the state of the race in the crucial battleground states, sort out the issues of greatest consequence to the voters, drill down on the growing scandal surrounding Joe Biden, and consider some larger issues like foreign policy, the differences or similarities between Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton, and the question of whether this election will assure transformation, or restoration. Plus, a development arguably of equal significance to the election over the long haul: the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. We’ll be joined in our analysis by two of the sharpest minds from LibertyNation.com, Political Columnist Joe Schaeffer and Legal Affairs Editor Scott D. Cosenza.

Click for a videocast of this episode of LN Radio. For more episodes click here.

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