Yesterday, Friday 13th, saw London streets filled with anti-Trump protesters. Today, it is the Trump fans turn. Rallygoers will be meeting outside the U.S. embassy where there will be speakers, flags, and a march up to Trafalgar Square. Liberty Nation will be on the ground covering the event live on this site, on Twitter, and Facebook.


As o 2:45 PM GfMT: Liberty Nation’s Mark Angelides reports that the British police are putting the hammer down on the  pro-Trump rally:


As of 2:30 PM GMT: Pro Trump protesters attacked by Antifa!   Tear gas and police:


2 PM GMT: Heavy police presence: Police have informed everyone that the rally could be liable to a public order offense.

Hard to miss that classic British humor:
9 AM GMT: Before the march begins, disinformation campaigns have been taking place suggesting that the march is canceled. It is unclear where these rumors originated, but organizers assure LN that it is going ahead as planned.


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