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Leftist Lawfare Aside, the True Trump Verdict Comes November 5

Will the voters agree that the 45th president ‘had it coming to him’?

There are, obviously, two radically different schools of thought about what transpired in that infamous Manhattan courtroom on May 30, 2024. Most on the right are claiming the guilty verdict – one crime split into 34 counts for maximum effect – will actually make Trump more electable than ever because they believe, as Trump has declared since his conviction, that he is a political prisoner – hard stop. Most on the left embrace the belief that the electorate at large, no matter Trump’s well-established reputation, will be shocked out of putting a convicted felon in the White House – even if he has already served four years there.

If “lawfare” is, as the sitting president claims, merely a right-wing paranoid fantasy, even as the former president is pinned down on dozens of charges based on novel legal theories never before applied to a single person, then why did the opposition party intervene in the trial right before the verdict by sending Robert De Niro up to Manhattan in a naked attempt to intimidate the jury? How many everyday Americans, no matter their political preferences, believe arresting, convicting, and bankrupting the president’s predecessor and hated opponent in the midst of a presidential election is a perfectly legitimate way to enhance the incumbent’s chances of re-election? How many will now believe the left’s narrative about Trump representing a “threat to democracy” is not, in reality, the ultimate act of projection, a specialty on the left?

As we have long known through the Russia collusion hoax, the spying on his campaign, his impeachment on a phone call, the orchestrated suppression of the infamous Hunter Biden laptop, and so many other cooked-up scandals, the left’s argument against Trump is always less about the crime than the man. As predicted by Liberty Nation in the run-up to the verdict, it all centers around the HITCH argument, on which the jury evidently concurred: namely, he had it coming to him – and it doesn’t particularly matter whether his takedown is by legitimate means or not because he represents a unique, break-the-glass “threat to democracy.” And certainly, we cannot have a president who, as Mr. De Niro intoned, will never leave the White House and is out to destroy the world.

Forget the fact that a long-expired misdemeanor was magically transformed into a history-changing felony, one specifically and painstakingly crafted by Trump’s enemies to force voters into swallowing the convicted felon label in the hope they will cast their ballots for Biden. Why else would Biden strategists give up the ghost of claiming they had nothing to do with the four indictments of his political enemy in the midst of a presidential campaign by sending an 80-year-old actor to rant outside the courthouse as the verdict approached?

A Case Designed to Confuse

As the trial dragged on, it became ever more obvious that this case was deliberately designed to confuse everyone. In a turn of events legal analysts say they have never before witnessed, the alleged felony was not even identified until the prosecution’s closing argument, and the jury was given liberty to decide what that felony actually was. So much for the Sixth Amendment to the Constitution, which guarantees a defendant the right “to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation.”

But these progressive efforts have boomeranged mightily, allowing the 45th president to surge into what, at least until now, has been a commanding lead. How much more evidence do Democrats need that trying to win the election in court is a riverboat gamble fraught with peril? And one more time, to the matter of White House involvement, let’s ask the question based on mere common sense: If this lawfare strategy was not orchestrated by the sitting president, and central to the theme of his campaign, then why did Biden’s Justice Department parachute its most aggressive prosecutor, Matthew Colangelo, into Alvin Bragg’s courtroom to close the deal?

Trump and the End of the World as We Know It

Is there anyone not in a coma who isn’t already well aware that Donald Trump is a wheeler-dealer, a man of action more than willing to crack eggs to make an omelet and break the furniture in order to do what he knows no other politician is willing to do? A man like that will predictably generate a lengthy list of enemies as he unmasks those who have been pulling the strings in the shadows for so long as to profoundly discredit the very validity of the ruling class. Trump’s foes have tried just about everything to take him down. With the convicted felon label now available to them for the first time, there is little that could drag Trump any further down than he currently stands.

And so, this all comes down to a matter of how many people who were planning to vote for Trump, all fully aware of his reputation and record, will now change their minds about pulling the lever for the same man with a label slapped on him that would terminate the career of any other politician. History has repeatedly demonstrated that, while people will vote in midterm elections to send a message or on a single issue such as abortion in 2022, they vote in their own self-interest when it comes to presidential elections. Will a dubious prosecution of the leading candidate for president be enough to rule out Trump in the minds of voters who have expressed overwhelming displeasure about Biden’s declining condition, the economy, inflation, crime, illegal immigration, foreign policy – and almost everything else?

Democrats and the left-wing media have tried to change the subject from Biden’s failed presidency, reflected by his 40% approval rating. Despite this and what a dozen Manhattanites decided, as Trump rightly declared, the true verdict will be delivered by the people on November 5.


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