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Hillary Clinton has made a habit of demeaning everyone who refuses to see things her way. Seemingly unaware that her insulting tone factored into the humiliating election defeat she suffered in 2016, she persisted with this approach on a recent trip to India. Unable to hide her contempt for those who chose President Donald Trump over her, Hillary revived her infamous “basket of deplorables” routine with added spice and venom. Now – having taken considerable flak from even her own side – she’s back peddling faster than a clown on a unicycle. But, even now, Mrs. Clinton just doesn’t get it. As she tried to rationalize her very irrational comments, Hillary didn’t apologize for what she said but merely lamented the fact that her words were, apparently, misunderstood.

Attempting, once again, to explain why Americans declined to put her in the White House, she very clearly insinuated that those who voted for her opponent were lazy, unproductive, backward, racist and misogynistic. She added that white women who voted for President Donald Trump did so because they are unable to think for themselves and merely voted the way the men in their lives told them to.

Why wasn’t she 50 points ahead, you might ask?

Why, indeed!

The Thoughts of Chairman Clinton

“I won the places that are optimistic, diverse, dynamic, moving forward,” Clinton said in India. It is hard to reconcile this assessment with how those who supported her speak and behave. The overwhelming majority of people who voted for Hillary have made anger and outrage their profession. It’s only a matter of time – they say – before we’re all dead. If climate change doesn’t kill us, then gun violence or Trump’s tax cuts will. Are they diverse? Not so much. When you view being white as, practically, a disease and when you’re not able to even hear a conservative opinion without needing immediate counseling, your diversity score is probably hovering somewhere between zero and one.

How about dynamic? Well, the growth of tent cities in California is certainly dynamic, so there’s that! But how about moving forward? Clinton, along with most of her supporters, is still brooding over an election that took place a year and a half ago. Not much forward movement detected there, then. Hillary herself seems to have increasing problems moving forward – or in any direction – without being propped up. So, perhaps she should steer clear, altogether, of analogies involving mobility.

As for Trump’s supporters; Clinton describes them in less than glowing terms: “You don’t like black people getting rights, you don’t like women getting jobs, you don’t want to see that Indian American succeeding more than you are.” Here, she speaks as if it is still 1940. Black people getting rights? Women getting jobs? Have these things not already happened? The “Indian American” remark was, of course, thrown in for the benefit of her audience…or was it? Did she mean Indian American, as in; the folks Joe Biden says have a monopoly on 7-11’s? Or did she mean American Indian, as in Elizabeth Warren?

Clinton, the champion of women’s rights, saved some of her scorn especially for white women who voted for Trump. These women, she believes, did not vote for her due to “ongoing pressure to vote the way that your husband, your boss, your son – whoever – believes you should.”

Good job, Hillary. Millions of American women now know how stupid you think they are. Worse still for your party, those women are smart enough to realize that your contempt for them is probably shared by the entire Democratic leadership.

Sorry, Not Sorry

After being roundly ridiculed by conservatives and having even caused many on the left to wish she would just shut up and take a permanent vacation, Clinton attempted to walk back her remarks. The problem for an elitist snob who doesn’t understand the little people – and looks upon them only as potential subjects – is that when you try to walk back an insulting comment, you often end up making it worse. True to form, Hillary did exactly that. “I understand how some of what I said upset people and can be misinterpreted.” She wrote on Facebook.

We should pause there, for a moment, to reflect on the fact that she almost certainly did not take the time to sit down and write this herself, which would have been too humbling an experience for her. Hillary almost certainly does not do Facebook. Face-palm? Frequently. Face-plant? Almost daily, it seems – but Facebook? No. She dictated this insincere missive to some fawning intern – who she keeps well away from her husband. Possibly, she didn’t even dictate it; said intern probably wrote it for her.

Be that as it may, the words did not help. “Misinterpreted?” How can one misinterpret such language? “I meant no disrespect to any individual or group…” she continued. There’s a popular proverb that says when one finds oneself in a hole; one should stop digging. Hillary is still in there, however, with a shovel, a pick, and a hardhat with one of those little lamps on the front.

Good God, woman! You must believe that those, against whom you directed such bile, are staggeringly dumb if you think you can make it all better by, essentially, telling them “No! All those horrible things I said about you weren’t at all disrespectful! You simply misinterpreted them!”

Hillary’s Contempt is a Blessing in Disguise

Here’s what Hillary and most other obnoxious, left-wing elitists will never understand: American right-wingers are not insulted, outraged, or wounded by your insults; they are well aware of how you feel about them. They wear the names you call them as badges of honor. They would, in fact, be horrified if they started to suspect you liked or admired them for, to be the subject of your admiration would mean that they themselves had become loathsome, immoral creatures, bereft of decency or principles.

Clinton’s continued slights do serve a greater purpose; they continue to remind those who cherish liberty and more traditional American values that the rights they enjoy must be fought for even harder. Those rights are what stand between decent people and those who hate them, and their freedom, so very much.


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