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Heartland Temperatures Rise over Injustice in Washington

by | Jun 8, 2018 | Columns

Summertime in the Heartland is a visual pleasure of Mother Nature at her finest.  The air is fresh with a loamy scent of black earth. There’s lush green fields of corn and beans popping up in rows, 4-H kids diligently preparing for their county’s fair, and America’s past time in full swing from the Majors to Little League.

As thermometers measure the ever-elevating Fahrenheit, temperatures of the natives are rising as well – over the laundry list of injustices perpetrated by previous administrations yet to be punished and the continual and brutal attacks on the current First Family.

Enough Is Enough.

On I-74, near Covington, Indiana, sits a Flying J truck stop where road trippers and truckers can fuel up, grab a cold drink and a sandwich, connect on Wi-Fi, and take a hot shower.  It’s a busy joint, catering to the needs of travelers, and a perfect place for a cross section of Midwesterners enjoying a bit of respite from windshield stare.

Meet Harry The Hammer Down, as he says his friends like to call him.  A 55-year-old truck driver for a major retail chain that will be left unnamed.

Harry was muttering to himself about fake news outlets speculating on the absence of First Lady Melania post-surgery, as he glanced at his tablet.  When prompted to expound, after a polite introduction and firm handshake, he let his feelings fly:

“Look at this.  (sharing his tablet) This Commie news outlet is reporting that this other Commie newspaper reported as if that makes the news real! They have said Melania had a facelift, that Donald beat her, and she left him to go live with her mom.  How come Democrats can lie and slander folks whenever they lose.”

And, now we know where Harry got his nickname.  But his sentiments reflect the frustrations of conservatives across flyover country.

Harry’s on the record rant caught the interest of Maria Martinez, 68, on her way to Cedar Rapids, Iowa to pick up her grandchildren for summer break:

“I have had enough of the attacks on our president and his family.  That vile women who called his daughter that filthy name, and no one will fire her. Then those same people who fire Roseanne and cancelled the show over a stupid tweet? Why is there such a double standard? I’m nagging all my friends to vote in November. This has to end.”

Melania Trump

There Will Be Justice

The temperature checks culminated in the offices of Resnet Wireless, in Attica, Indiana, and a discussion with owners Bob and Ann Shoemaker.  Bob has a PhD in physics and has worked for a myriad of federal government agencies, including the Department of Defense.

The question posed was “what frustrates you the most on the political front today,” and without hesitation, he responded, “injustice.”

Both Bob and Ann ticked off their list beginning with Benghazi, Uranium One, Mrs. Clinton’s missing emails and scrubbed servers, and the illegal activities of Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz with her Pakistani employees, and Obama giving Iran access to the U.S. financial system.

Did I mention that the Shoemakers have a very close and personal connection with God?   As Bob explained, there will be a temporal judgement day for these people, in our lifetime, for all of us to witness.  The signs are there, and as Bob assures, “If man doesn’t deal with this, God will.”

That alone should bring satisfaction for those who await the perp walk of Mrs. Clinton and her band of criminals.

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