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Green Researcher Promotes Cannibalism to Save the World

Just when you thought the radical greens could not go further, they did.

Recently, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a report in which they promoted radical changes to agriculture and meat consumption habits to combat climate change. Part of this conversation has been a conversion from a meat-based diet to eating insects, which is more energy-efficient than raising cattle. However, a Swedish professor suggests that a better alternative to insects might be eating human flesh. Cannibalism might save the planet.


At the Gastro Summit in Stockholm, behavioral scientist Magnus Söderlund held a talk titled “Can you Imagine Eating Human Meat?” He argued that “conservative” attitudes prevented people from considering this radical approach to combatting climate change and pondered whether selfishness underpinning capitalism stood in the way of cannibalism.

Arch-proponent of the free market and author of “The virtue of Selfishness” Ayn Rand labeled those who favored self-sacrifice “moral cannibals.” She used it as a self-evidently derogatory term. She could not have predicted that fifty years later, a progressive intellectual would embrace actual cannibalism in the service of the greater good.

Söderlund’s colleagues at the summit were not so keen on the idea. In an impromptu survey, only 8% of the attendants said they would consider eating humans to save the climate. Such low enthusiasm is, however, not unusual among greens. They are often in favor of radical and intrusive policies that others must implement, but that would not affect themselves. Greta Thunberg notwithstanding, most green activists fly to climate change conferences.

Stockholm Syndrome

That such a proposal comes out of Sweden should not come as a surprise to anyone since the Scandinavian country is a hotbed of bad ideas. It was, after all, this progressive nation that gave rise to the term “Stockholm Syndrome” in 1973 where several Swedes defended bank robbers who held them hostage for days.

The birth of Stockholm Syndrome

A few decades later, a Swedish minister declared that Swedes don’t exist and that immigrants have just as much claim to the country as those who have lived there for 10,000 years. And now their extraordinary self-immolation has resulted in calls for cannibalism.

There are many speculations about why Sweden manages to produce multiple people who make Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) look rational. One of the leading theories is that this Nordic country has not experienced war in 200 years and was among the first countries in the world to implement near laissez-faire capitalism in the 19th century.

Surfing on a wave of prosperity and peace, the Swedes could afford to grow ever more irrational and self-destructive. If this theory is correct, it could give us a useful indication of which way the radical left in wealthy America might be heading.

One thing appears clear: When not checked by reality, there is no limit to how far progressives are willing to go.


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