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From BLM to Antifa: Barbarians at the Gate – LN Radio Videocast

Anarchy in the Streets – how far will it go? Who's going to stop it and what of the 2020 election?

In a week marked by radicals storming a park, desecrating an historic church, and trying to topple the long-standing statue of a former president in the shadow of the White House, will anarchy continue to flow through the streets of the nation? Will ruling Democrats maintain orderor let the radicals keep running wild in the streets? We will talk about how the nation has descended to this point, and what it all means for the presidential election now just over four months away. But we’ll reflect on some good news … the return of major league baseball, with Andrew Moran of LibertyNation.com. Plus LN Legal Affairs Editor Scott Cosenza discusses the return of affirmative action in California in talkin’ liberty.

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