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Fishing for Facts at Japan’s Fukushima

The giant tsunami in 2011 spewed radiation, so is it safe to eat the fish now?

by | Sep 26, 2023 | Articles, International, Opinion

China recently banned the importation of Japanese seafood, claiming current releases of decade-old wastewater from the Fukushima nuclear power plant threaten citizens’ health. US Ambassador to Japan Rahm Emmanuel was diplomatically dispatched to publicly eat Japanese fish to combat China’s claims. Known for often mercurial statements, Ambassador Emmanuel did not disappoint. But it seems he revealed more than he intended.

Fukushima and Food

The 2011 Tohoku 9.0-magnitude earthquake and resultant tsunami spewed radiation into the air and sea, resulting in the contamination of Japanese fish along with vegetable crops, dairy products, and groundwater. It also was found in human breastmilk, though experts claim levels were insubstantial. There are few, if any, deaths directly attributable to the radiation release, though some 18,500 people died from the quake and tsunami.

Emmanuel countered Chinese slanders of Japanese fish with his own, stating:

“In a world where truth and trust are paramount, Japan’s unwavering commitment to science and transparency is a leading example, and I’m honored to stand in solidarity with them.”

He said he had “no reservations” about eating Japanese fish, reportedly dining on tuna, flounder, and sea bass.

Slamming China

Notably, the ambassador did not eat freshwater fish, which was more contaminated by Fukushima radiation than saltwater species. In the course of this fishy stunt, Emmanuel had no problem disparaging China, including condemnation for its lack of truth and transparency relating to SARS, avian flu, and COVID-19.

Apparently, these criticisms by a Democrat intimate with the Obama and Biden administrations were not racist slurs, as would be alleged were he a conservative. But Emmanuel’s remarks seemed to invite different comparisons than intended: What about the “truth and transparency” of the Biden administration and Dr. Anthony Fauci regarding COVID? What about PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) in US fish? What about carbon dioxide as a pollutant? And by advocating for radioactive fish consumption, is Emmanuel unwittingly plugging the safety of nuclear energy?

Piercing the Cultish Veil

GettyImages-1356832010 Jim Jones

Jim Jones (Photo by Janet Fries/Getty Images)

Public shenanigans like emissary Emmanuel’s are hardly new. President Joe Biden made a big show of receiving the mRNA vaccine (though that may have been an innocuous dose of sugar water to help him stay awake and cogent for ten entire minutes). Monsanto advocates have publicly suggested that drinking glyphosate is innocuous. In all these cases, such theatrics prove nothing scientific, despite  Emmanuel’s promises of transparency and “science.” It’s more like snake-oil charlatans or cultish Kool-Aid guzzlers.

Jim Jones spiked Kool-Aid with cyanide in his cult. The Heaven’s Gate crowd also liked the sweet stuff, though the members used the less violent go-to-sleep method of phenobarbitol mixed with apple sauce or pudding to fly off on an imagined spaceship trailing the Comet Hale-Bopp. The Heaven’s Gate dreamers are more likely to be looking down from Hale-Bopp right now than Emmanuel is to tell people the truth about climate change.

In the climate cult, many more lives will be lost than at Jonestown. Toxins spewed from Chinese plants manufacturing EVs and solar panels using coal and chemicals went unmentioned in Rahm’s critique, as did the current crisis in China to dispose of decades-old solar panels that are unrecyclable and useless – anything but “renewable.” As US climate envoy John Kerry chides American farmers for rearing cows, Rahm’s “truth and trust are paramount” hypocrisy rings loud and hollow.

Renewable-energy manufacturing releases far more toxins than Fukushima ever did. Glyphosate has been labeled a “probable human carcinogen” by the World Health Organization, yet the Environmental Protection Agency and US Department of Agriculture tout the stuff as salvific, while Biden crosses swords with Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to compel Mexicans to eat GMO corn. US  fish are tainted with American-made PFAS and mercury. While the ambassador to Japan virtue-signals on the harmlessness of nuclear energy, most Americans are gulping daily doses of a different kind of Kool-Aid.

Cyanide kills quickly; phenobarbitol kills peacefully. Cancer and birth defects kill slowly and horrifically, especially in children and infants. The primary cancer caused by radiation impacts the thyroid and is easily treatable; the forever chemicals gushing from manufacturing so-called renewables dwarfs all radioactive releases in history.

Carbon Dioxide, Hamburgers, and Fukushima Fish

GettyImages-1674207974 Fukushima

(Photo by Chris Jung/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

American children are told life-giving carbon dioxide is the chief culprit in a watch-the-birdie spectacle that distracts from logic and scientific inquiry. The United Nations recently announced that due to accelerated warming, developed nations must promptly reduce meat consumption by 80%! Unmentioned is who will eat the 20% remaining, likely affordable only by the Emmanuels and other laptop elites. The rest of humanity will be force-fed insects and patented synthetic meats concocted in laboratories from GMO crops that destroy soil, water, and human health.

Emmanuel’s surreal theater of public consumption of radioactive fish displayed clueless hypocrisy prevalent among the chattering classes. The climate cultists seek to ban fossil fuels, nuclear energy, and cows, advocating for slow genocide, claiming humanity is killing the world they plan to save. “Let them eat cake! We will eat fresh sushi and filet mignon!”

Emmanuel ought to check his privilege – and his blood for toxins. Perhaps he has been eating too much noxious food. Radiation exposure causes dain bramage.

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