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Exposing Toxic Femininity

by | Mar 19, 2018 | Social Issues

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Everyone knows what toxic masculinity means because the media and the left have been talking incessantly about it for decades. We know the type when we see it, a man with enough testosterone to be bold and aggressive but with too little manliness to be a self-confident adult.

There is nothing wrong with pointing out masculinity gone wrong. It’s a danger of the male nature that all men should be aware of and try to avoid. However, the left perverts this in two fundamental ways. First, they say that masculinity as such is toxic. Second, they say that femininity as such is good and pure and wonderful. This leads to gender wars and disaster for society.

Masculinity as a disease

Feminists are touting the very idea of being male as an embodiment of evil. They use the term “toxic” to refer to all forms of masculinity.

The problem originated with the first wave feminists who accepted and touted the Marxist idea that men throughout the ages have uniquely oppressed women as a group. As evidence, they typically cite the fact that women didn’t have any political rights.

Violence – which has historically included politics – has always been the domain of power of men, because they are the ones that are good at it. Men get drafted to wars – to protect women and children. However, women have their matriarchal power too. Every man has a mother, and no other person on earth has had more influence over the development and values of men than their mother. That’s part of feminine power, which feminists sadly belittle and denigrate.

Because feminists have lusted for the male power of politics, they have in practice gone to war against both men and women, disempowering both of their natural domains.

Toxic femininity

The second part of the error of toxic masculinity is the myth that femininity is pure goodness. Therefore, today little boys in school are judged by how good girls they are.

However, a much more realistic view of human nature is that women also have a dark side. So, what is toxic femininity?

Whereas male power is based on muscles, female power builds on manipulation and persuasion. When used for good, female power can temper and soften the hardest hearts of men. Female power is rendered toxic when it is coupled with resentment, envy and hatred. Then their manipulative skills can turn into an instrument of evil and destruction.

The radical left as toxic femininity

Picture a mother who always blames her children for standing in the way of her happiness. They want to please her, and she uses guilt to drag them down into her dark web of thoughts. No matter what they do, they cannot live up to her standards and they must live in constant terror waiting for the next rage fit.

This mother is also engaging in passive aggression, refusing to cooperate and whining and nagging to get her way.

Think about it, doesn’t that describe the radical left quite well? Identity politics is systematic shaming and blaming. Oppression Olympics is the battlefield where toxic femininity rules. That is where you find the most resentful women – and the Beta male.

Fortunately, not all women are like that. However, just like men have become aware of their dark side it is time also to recognize the toxic side of femininity. If more people recognize and point it out, the power of the left will subside and we can have an adult conversation instead.

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