Clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson has come under fire once again. This time he is quoted as being an advocate of “enforced monogamy” which was immediately interpreted by the journalist to mean using the power of the state to force women into marriage.

Peterson himself explained the meaning of the term in a response on his blog. He says that “my critics’ abject ignorance of the relevant literature does not equate to evidence of my totalitarian or misogynist leanings.”

The new underclass

It seems that the left would rather vilify the whistleblowers than to have an honest conversation about the problem toward which they are pointing. In this case, Peterson is commenting on a series of rage murders performed by so-called incels – involuntary celibates – including (allegedly) the recent school shooting in Santa Fe.

He places it in a larger context: a growing number of men are becoming “losers” in the sexual marketplace, in large part due to the machinations of the feminist movement. Aside from the social issue of creating an underclass, men who pile up at the bottom of society often become aggressive and violent.

Peterson points out that this is not good for the stability of society and argues that for two million years monogamous relations have been a way to keep male aggression under control. It’s an ancient practice that we discard at our peril.

The root cause

Understanding how this new underclass of men arose may also give us valuable insight into how to alleviate the problem, so let us consider the causes.

The dynamic between the sexes has for hundreds of thousands of years been that men are the breadwinners and women are the homemakers. Being able to provide material goods for her and the children is a primary evolutionary reason for a woman to bond with a man.

Enter the welfare state.

The availability of welfare was a destructive blow to this pair-bonding. In many cases, it protected women and allowed them to make real lives for themselves and their children, but it also meant that there was not the necessity to work out problems in a mature manner. This can be seen by the parallel rise of divorce along with single parenthood.

It may have helped women on a financial level, but on another level, it hurt young men; especially members of the black community who in the ‘60s, as the welfare state bloomed, were still desperately struggling to make ends meet and be providers in a system that had not yet felt the benefits of the Civil Rights movement.

 Canary in the coal mine

The tragedy of black men piling up at the bottom of society is an early warning of what is happening all over America in all communities. Redistributing wealth from the rich and successful men pushes the lower half of the male population out of the sexual marketplace, producing swaths of fatherless children and a panoply of social problems.

The solution

Fortunately, a simple and well-tested solution exists: roll back the welfare state. Acknowledge that single motherhood is bad for everyone. Allow the responsible breadwinning man to compete in the sexual marketplace again. Let men and women reconnect once more in the nuclear family unit.

Removing the welfare state is the best and most natural way to enforce monogamy. It’s been tested for two million years and it works.


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