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The Millenial View: The Election & Fact Resistant Millenials

We should all be able to agree that the electorate writ large has learned a good deal about millennials this political season. Without a doubt, our nation’s youth sought to make their voices heard – and this a good thing. How intelligent those voices were, however, is another story altogether.

The recent spectacle of millennial passion for politics emanates from the protests against the presidential inauguration in DC and around the country. Some of these protests involve the destruction of private property and attacking law enforcement.

We get it; you’re gluten free and very angry.

Other protests involve Millennials taking photos of each other with their $700 phones, in which they hold up signs announcing their oppression and victimhood (aka every BuzzFeed video ever).

So, why are our young people so angry? What are the issues that millennials are most passionate about? Traditional Millennial beliefs range from the necessary to the ridiculous. Millennials are calling for increased transparency in our government and political systems.

For example, late last year, we learned that the DNC plotted against presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. The DNC attempted to use Sanders’ religion, or possible lack thereof, as an attacking point to help Hilary Clinton win the primary election.

So much for the all-accepting Democratic Party. If you think they support religious freedom, you better think again. Unfortunately, young people have continued to vote for the Democratic Party in very high numbers – all the while shouting for supposed religious equality.

But their hypocrisy does not end there, as they reject President Trump, who has stated his persistence for increased opportunity and acceptance of all races and religions.

During the Orlando Pulse attack and San Bernardino shootings, our left-leaning young did not blame the shooters, but the guns. They called for increased regulation on firearms as if individuals wanting to murder scores of people would be swayed from obtaining them by following the law.

Another example of this silliness was manifest when ISIS-inspired individuals drove trucks into crowds of people in Germany and France. Time to ban all vehicles. They’re dangerous! Question: is it the firearm or the individual who is most lethal? What these fact-resistant Millennials fail to perceive is that they will likely be safer under the Trump administration, as Trump has made it abundantly clear there will be no threat of silencing those who wish to be armed for protection.

Millennials are also calling for peace worldwide. This is so off the mark and hypocritical especially in light of their view of the former Obama administration. My esteemed millennial peers refer to anyone criticizing former President Obama as racist while disregarding the war hawk actions of the former Obama Administration.

Where was the outrage from millennials during the Obama Administration’s massacre of thousands of innocent citizen lives in foreign nations via drone strikes? The Obama Administration’s acts towards innocent citizens in a foreign country are staggering, and we can only hope that the Trump administration will help clean up the mess.

And oh, there is so much more. As one wizened sage once said: Never let facts get in the way of your ideology. So I have come to the conclusion that facts only matter to left-leaning millennials when they agree with their worldview.

In other words, never.

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