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Demonizing Truck Drivers – What the Truck?

Why are truck drivers suddenly the bad guys?

by | Nov 16, 2021 | Articles, Opinion, Race

MSNBC has determined the country’s supply chain problem, which Americans are apparently not smart enough to understand, is due to racism. More specifically, the lack of people of color in the trucking industry is to blame for the fact that your cherry-vanilla Coke Zero is almost impossible to find on grocery store shelves. Digging deeper, they posit that the spotty supermarket outages are because most truckers are “aggressive” old white men. The cable news outlet has chosen to demonize white truck drivers and damn the industry for its lack of diversity as the reason for America’s supply chain problem.

This is not a satire.

According to Tiffany Cross, who hosts the cable network program Cross Connection, most truckers are white, over the age of 55, and worse – probably voted for Donald Trump.

The horror of it all.

Watching Ms. Cross ply her trade on a national cable TV channel, it becomes immediately apparent that the trucker’s segment on her program makes no sense whatsoever. Is she blaming the trucking industry for hiring men who are old and white? Is she saying that if we had more truckers of color the supply chain problem would end? Or is it that the lack of goods on shelves across America could easily be solved if the trucking industry weren’t so racist?

Why those on the left have a knack for bringing every problem in America down to an issue of race is beyond comprehension. Much like a needle that gets stuck in a groove on an overplayed album, this same tune repeats endlessly until one is driven mad and either lifts the arm to scoot it forward or throws the LP out because it’s hopelessly scratched. Around and around we go as the left finds racism hidden under everything that ails the country.

Danger Ahead!

Cross, who disclosed that her brother is a truck driver, said she is worried for her sibling’s safety because [trucking] “feels like a dangerous industry.” She continued, “So, obviously, the more populated it is with people of color I think you’ll see less of that.” Then she threw her guest an MSNBC hardball: “How can you encourage people to come and disrupt this space when it seems a bit unwelcoming?”

If Cross paid attention to her own YouTube commenters, she might come up with a better reason for the lack of truckers rather than seeing it as an unwelcoming space for people of color. TruckerExile E seemed to have a logical answer to the problem that has Ms. Cross so mystified:

“I’m a CDL truck driver without a job right now because these trucking companies are still offering trash rates to drivers, they expect us to stay out 320 days a year just to make a mere $55,000 a year, they want to pay less than $0.50 a mile, screw that. I have over 16 years experience and I know I am worth just over a dollar a mile at this point. I been to all 48 contiguous states with over 1.9 million miles driven.”

Others who found her segment on the supply chain dilemma as the result of race relations in the trucking industry proffered:

Do we always have to bring our color of skin to this??”

Ahhhh there it is. Its white truck driver’s fault. Got it.”

Wonder if msnbc can ever do a segment where race is not a factor?”

GettyImages-1211629639 Truck

(Photo by Yasin Ozturk/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

The lack of information, coupled with emotional questions and racially charged suppositions in this MSNBC segment, is merely more insipid leftist media pablum. Sadly, this type of television is no longer the exception. TV hosts like Cross see it as their raison d’être to enlighten the deplorable, smelly, old, white Walmart shopping masses about America’s fatal flaw – racism. She is not the cause of an uninformative, pathetic news industry but rather a symptom of its sickness.

In an article written for The Weekly Dish, author Andrew Sullivan wrote about the collapse of media narratives. “It’s as if the more Donald Trump accused the MSM of being ‘fake news’ the more assiduously they tried to prove him right.”

Well said.

Just for the record, and it should go without saying, but we’ll point it out anyway: One would be hard-pressed to find a single person in the U.S. who gives a damn about the skin color of the truck driver who delivered their Coke Zero to the store so long as it is on the shelf when they are thirsty.

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