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Chinese Nationals Paddle to Florida From Cuba

America’s lackadaisical sea border security an open invitation to enemies of the United States.

As Americans look on with increasing alarm at the shocking state of their broken southern border, the nation’s sea boundaries are being violated with rapidly escalating impunity. At the same time, communist China has dramatically upped its presence in the Western Hemisphere. It was inevitable that these two startling developments would coalesce to create a dire domestic security threat of the highest magnitude. “Nineteen people from China and three from Ecuador arrived in the Florida Keys [in the] early morning [of Oct. 23] in what federal officials are calling a human smuggling incident,” The Miami Herald reported Oct. 24. “The migrants came ashore in Key Largo shortly before 2 am, according to Monroe County Sheriff’s Office calls-for-service logs.”

US Back Porch Has a Screen Door

GettyImages-1260981830 Chinese immigrants

(Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

China has been identified as the number one geopolitical foe of the United States. Male Chinese nationals of military age have been repeatedly apprehended at the Mexican border. It now appears that the Asian superpower has discovered a new avenue of entry into the American interior. It’s just a short hop and a skip to the Florida Keys from Cuba, and the island has been drawn ever closer into China’s orbit of influence in recent years.

“The People’s Republic of China now has listening posts in Cuba, and Beijing will soon establish a joint training ground for the People’s Liberation Army and Cuban military forces,” Liberty Nation’s Dave Patterson documented in June.

A Florida Republican congressman understands what this means for an America that can’t protect the integrity of its borders. “We have a growing presence of China in the Bahamas. We know that we have a growing presence of China in Cuba and around central South America,” Rep. Carlos Gimenez (R-FL), who represents the district in the Keys where the 19 Chinese nationals were apprehended, told Fox News on Oct. 27. “Now, why you have these – mostly men, military-aged men – from China coming trying to get into the United States, sneak into the United States, that kind of worries me.”

“We don’t know why they’re here, or where they’re going, or what their purpose is. So yeah, that should concern all Americans as the world becomes less and less safe under the Biden administration,” Gimenez added.

We do have an idea why they’re here, though, and no serious nation would ever stand for it.

Jumping-Off Point to Florida

New Banner Border Crisis“During the last several years, more and more Chinese nationals have been making their way to the Florida Keys and South Florida. Several have been arrested in the past for taking photos of secure military installations around the island,” The Key West Citizen reports. “In 2020, three Chinese nationals claiming to be students were sentenced to prison for illegally photographing secure areas at Truman Annex, which is home to the Joint Interagency Task Force – South. The agency conducts detection and monitoring operations throughout the Caribbean and Central and South America.”

In other words, as America makes a mockery of the Monroe Doctrine by pouring billions of dollars into Ukraine while its own southern border is overrun, China has taken advantage of the Biden administration’s lack of vigilance at home by not only amplifying and consolidating its presence just off our shores but also seizing on woeful border integrity to wage reconnaissance missions on our continental soil. All signs indicate that the situation is going to get worse.

“Border Patrol agents in the Miami Sector have reported a 500% increase in apprehensions in fiscal year 2022,” The Center Square reported Dec. 24, 2022. “From Sept. 1, 2021, to Oct. 31, 2022, agents apprehended 2,350 foreign nationals attempting to illegally enter Florida by sea … They also interdicted 131 maritime smuggling events, a 330% increase from fiscal 2021, Chief Patrol Agent Walter Slosar said.”

“[Border Patrol] partners interdicted a Sea-Doo jet boat near Miami with 5 noncitizens from the Republic of Georgia onboard. The group originally departed from the Bahamas,” Slosar tweeted on Dec. 22, 2022. “If illegal aliens from the Caucasus Mountains can make it all the way to the Sunshine State, who can’t?” LN asked at the time. “A mental image of terrorists gently wafting onto a sun-kissed beach and calmly making their way into the interior of the United States only magnifies the grave national security threat posed by America’s inability to control its territorial integrity.”

China is fully aware of this weakness. China is fully aware of who occupies the White House.

“Just to kind of bring it home, we have SOUTHCOM in Miami, we have Special Operations Command in Tampa, we have Central Command in Tampa,” Rep. Michael Waltz (R-FL) stressed this summer, Florida Politics reported. “And what I don’t think a lot of people realize is, we have the Air Force’s premier missile test range, the Gulf test range, that goes the length of the west coast of Florida, all of which can be monitored out of the spy station and Cuba.”

Fulsome accounts of war in far-off Ukraine and the Middle East dominate US big-box media headlines. Meanwhile, right here in home waters, the enemy is not merely at the gates. The gates are down, and he is inside. The threat to the personal safety of the American people where they live has perhaps never been more acute.

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