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Brian Sicknick: The Shameful Lies About His Death Exposed

Democrats and their media collaborators trafficked a shameful lie about how a Capitol Police officer died.

by | Apr 20, 2021 | Articles, Politics

Democrats, left-wing activists, and Trump-haters of any flavor, all across the country, were no doubt bitterly disappointed by one piece of news that broke on April 19. The District of Columbia’s chief medical examiner has ruled that Brian Sicknick, a Capitol Police officer who died a day after the massive pro-Trump rally in Washington on Jan. 6, did not succumb to injuries he sustained in a vicious assault by Trump supporters, but in fact died of natural causes.

The medical examiner, Francisco J Diaz, told a Washington newspaper that there was no evidence Sicknick suffered any internal or external injuries during the unrest at the Capitol. Though Trump’s opponents on Capitol Hill and among the media ranks created and repeated made-up accounts of the aforementioned assault, it did not occur.

A clot in an artery caused the officer to suffer two strokes at the base of his brain stem. And thus, contrary to what the U.S. media and Democratic Party politicians told Americans, and the world, there is nothing to connect Sicknick’s death to the Jan. 6 “insurrection” that never was.

A Sick Kind of Inginuity

American ingenuity has been the envy of the world, arguably, since at least the early 1900s, if not longer. And what better example is there today of American ingenuity than the legacy media? In the last few years alone, they have created, from whole cloth, some incredibly tall and intricate tails of events that never happened.

So industrious in their deceptions were they that to this day a large proportion of Americans – and probably an even larger proportion of citizens in other countries around the globe – believe these tales to be true. Among the most powerful of the works of fiction presented by those attempting to spin a narrative, one can find the story of Hands Up, Don’t Shoot. Another was The MAGA Kid. Then, of course, there is possibly the most enduring tale of them all: The Trump-Russia Collusion. And most recently: The January 6 Insurrection.

No Insurrection and No Justice Either

Something should be clarified, at this point, and an irresponsible falsehood laid to rest: There was no insurrection as commonly defined: “specifically, the armed resistance of a number of persons to the power of the state; incipient or limited rebellion”. If there had been, Joe Biden would not be in the White House today, nor would Nancy Pelosi be Speaker of the House. In fact, Congress itself would likely still be in an unprecedented state of suspension.

Insurrections rarely happen without gunfire and not even one of the tens of thousands of Trump supporters who descended on the nation’s capital city on that fateful day fired a single shot. A shot was fired, of course. Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed 35-year-old Trump supporter was shot at point blank range and killed by a Capitol Police officer, whose identity is still being concealed – even though authorities will often print the names of other police officers involved in shootings within hours. That officer has been cleared of any wrongdoing. Are any of those who scream about “police brutality” going to lose a wink of sleep or utter a single word of disapproval over this obscene miscarriage of justice?

[youtube-subscribe align=”left”] There is no getting away from the fact that Babbitt’s killing cannot be described as murder because the killer was not convicted of (or even charged with) murder – but that word will hang in the air over the U.S. Capitol for many years to come.

Sicknick’s death was a tragedy on two levels: first, that he suffered his unfortunate fate at all. Second, that his death was used and abused by Democrat lawmakers and members of the media for purely political purposes. That part was not just tragic, but shameful. Those responsible for making up lies about how Sicknick died are the very worst of humanity.

There will be no justice, then, for Sicknick – since the people who lied about his death will never be held to account. There will be no justice for Ashli Babbitt. There certainly will be no justice for the many who have been arrested since Jan. 6 in connection with the so-called insurrection. Most of them face charges so minor that nobody would bother with them, had those offences been committed in any other circumstance. Some face more serious accusations, but let us not pretend that the charges they face are anything more than politically-motivated.

This is how the tale of The January 6 Insurrection ends, then; a horrific lie exposed – and let us not forget that people were falsely portrayed as murderers; an innocent woman dead, and a festering wound from which the nation may never recover.


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