The midterms are quickly approaching. November will be here fast and what are we expecting of the election results? Leftists continue to blow hard about a “blue wave.” However, the general election ballot that asks if one is voting for Republican or Democrats has dwindled down. Democrats were leading by fifteen points, but now they are within the margin of error at three points ahead. Democrats are starting to worry.

Celinda Lake is a Democrat pollster. She stated the economy is the number one issue right now for voters; which should not surprise anyone. After all, the economy was on a bailout life support machine for eight years. Now, the unemployment rate is down to 3.9%, and companies are giving out bonuses and raising wages. This didn’t happen under Obama.

The left says that Obama created this revival. No, he didn’t. President Trump is a year and a half into his first term. Obama’s economy is gone. He had eight years to get unemployment down to 3.9% but failed. Democrats can’t claim that his policies were stymied by a Republican Congress, then claim they work when a Republican president gets elected.

The left claims their policies are the best for the economy. However, that is untrue. Solyndra was not good for the economy. It failed just like every other government-backed green energy experiment. The taxpayer never saw that money again, and jobs disappeared. Trump has reduced the regulations that crippled fracking and coal jobs, and manufacturing is coming back.

Democrat strategist Jim Manley said the left should “point out” how Trump’s policies favor the rich more than the middle class. How long have they said that about Republican policies? It’s another old song and dance talking point.

Some Democrats are trying to spin their financial bailouts saying they rescued some businesses from “falling off a fiscal cliff.” So what? They kept big companies, which they claim to hate, from going under and eventually going away. If a business, big or small, mismanages finances, people, products, and other aspects that is their fault. It isn’t the taxpayer’s duty to keep them afloat.

Celinda Lake suggested that the left needs to point out that they are going after insurance companies and drug companies. She’s a little late. Trump is already doing that. Plus, the Obamacare debacle is still fresh in the mind of voters, but if they want to talk about it, please go ahead.

The left is rightfully worried. Left-wing lawmaker’s policies cripple and pull the free market inward; the economy cannot expand under leftism. The free market is the antithesis of what Democrats want. They want votes with free government gifts. Free market principles allow entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors to thrive; and when they succeed, work opportunities become available.

Democrats should be concerned. Their divisive rhetoric is becoming a nuisance, but they can’t stop themselves. The one thing all voters have in common is concern for their bank account balances.


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