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Biden Floats Female VP Prospects and Endorses Himself

The former vice president hints at potential running mates and confers an endorsement upon himself

by | Nov 24, 2019 | Articles, The Left

Oh, he is a coy one when pandering to women voters. If it wasn’t so predictable and obvious to anyone who is taking the pulse of the Democratic presidential primary – which is palpitating like an overload of desperate adrenalin – one might give former Vice President Joe Biden a brownie point or two. But this is hair-sniffing, handsy Joe and a #MeToo nightmare come true for his struggling party.

This past week in Winterset IA, while entertaining potential primary voters during a town hall, one brave Iowan asked who the shaky frontrunner might select as his running mate. He flirtingly replied, “Are you available?” It was an “oh, ick” sort of response from the elder candidate but he grabbed onto the idea — like it was a good one — and without naming names described four potential women he might grace with the number two spot on the ticket:

“The former assistant attorney general who got fired … the woman who should have been the governor of Georgia … the two senators from the state of New Hampshire.”

Those lucky gals are Sally Yates, Stacey Abrams, and US Senators Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie Hassan. Apparently, teasing the media to do their job and research these four was too good to pass up. Also, the former veep claimed he didn’t say their names out loud because the media would glom onto them and out the man’s most private ideas – and that should be avoided for the general good.

The Lucky Four

Stacey Abrams was edged out by now Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and has offered her second-in-line services publicly for months. During a speech at the University of Iowa, Abrams gushed she would be “happy” to run as a Vice President. She didn’t say who she preferred.

Sally Yates was fired by President Trump for refusing to endorse and uphold Trump’s travel ban and she hit the skids in 2017. The two erstwhile senators have the least amount of baggage and the most experience in being a government employee for copious amounts of time.

Stacey Abrams

It doesn’t quite matter at the moment – it’s simply to early to put all your political eggs in one handbasket. Perhaps crafty old Joe is letting the media vet his also ran selects so he won’t pick a dud. Let’s face it: they’ll run polls, dig up dirt, and pick who they want for whatever narrative they are creating. Might as well let the drive-by media do the heavy lifting and instead focus more on … well … focus. No more teeth nearly falling out on CNN. No more giving speeches to big screens with your back to the audience.

Get it together, man.

Obama’s Endorsement

Former President Barack Obama has not endorsed his two-term faithful companion, but Joe is telling everyone why Obama really does love him and wants him to rule. It’s rather sad.

Telling a USA Today reporter that the most critical aspect of selecting a good Vice President is finding that one person who fits with you “philosophically,” Biden endorsed himself – in a round-about way – on behalf of his former boss:


“We were philosophically in agreement and we strategically agreed on everything. We disagreed on tactics sometimes. And a vice president cannot be in a position even in a cabinet meeting where he or she is taking on the president. We’ve had arguments, we’ve shouted at each other in private, but we always completely trusted each other.”

The field of Democrats vying for the electoral nod is in a tragic and unstoppable free-fall. None have managed to really gain traction, prompting Hillary Clinton to consider donning her short-heeled pumps and pantsuit and hit the circuit – and Michael Bloomberg to officially and very Johnny come lately, throw his billionaire self all in as well.

It’s all a day in the life of a fractured party struggling to rise from the ashes of their own jet-fueled funeral pyre. Biden attempting to garner attention and lure the female electorate to buy his schtick and style, though, is just a little sad.


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