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Biden Brings the US Closer to Conflict with Russia

Reports are surfacing that the White House will deploy American contractors to Ukraine.

Incrementalism is the watchword in Joe Biden’s approach to assisting the Kyiv government. There is nothing decisive, just a continuous march toward more direct US involvement in Ukraine’s defense against Russia. A report from the White House reveals that President Biden is considering allowing US contractors on the ground in Ukraine to provide technical assistance.

American Boots on the Ground

From the painfully slow agreement to allow Poland and others to provide Soviet-era MIG-29 jet fighters to taking more than two years to approve F-16s and providing modern tanks months after requested, the Biden defense team has helped extend the fighting between Ukraine and Russia. In April, Liberty Nation News reported that despite the Biden administration’s adamant resistance to putting US military “boots on the ground,” in Ukraine, US “troops will be working out of the embassy and providing guidance; they will not be in combat.”

However, the US military’s active involvement in the conflict in Ukraine appears to be expanding. It was only a matter of time before someone realized that the complex weapons and equipment the US provided to the Kyiv government would require routine maintenance, refurbishment, and repair. Keeping the weapons in the fight does not always allow for returning the equipment to a maintenance depot; sometimes, those repairs must be done on the spot.

A recent media report explained that the Biden administration is “moving toward lifting a de facto ban on American military contractors deploying to Ukraine.” When asked about the report, a White House official denied that any decision had been made.

Nonetheless, skilled American military contractors will be allowed to work inside Ukraine after administration approval. The first weapon system to have US contractor maintenance help will likely be the F-16 Falcon fighters expected to be delivered later this summer. As the CNN report explained, “The White House has been determined to limit both the danger to Americans and the perception, particularly by Russia, that the US military is engaged in combat there.” Regardless of what the White House wants, with US troops providing advice from the US Embassy and US military contractors providing maintenance support in the field, Russia may perceive this as a distinction without a difference.

Additionally, though late to need, the US has provided longer-range missiles capable of striking military bases in Russia. However, US permission to attack targets in Russia comes with certain conditions. The Associated Press explained the nuances of the White House constraints on the Kyiv government:

“Biden’s directive allows for US-supplied weapons to be used to strike Russian forces that are attacking or preparing to attack. It does not change US policy that directs Ukraine not to use American-provided ATACMS or long-range missiles and other munitions to strike offensively inside Russia, US officials have said…In advancing in the northeast Kharkiv region, Russian forces have exploited a lengthy delay in the replenishment of US military aid.”

The ATACMS or Army Tactical Missile System, with a range of 186 miles, can hit deeper into Russia and Russian-held areas of Ukraine. The US sent the first tranche of the longer-range missile system at the beginning of 2024. However, currently, “US policy still preserves the majority of Russian sanctuary space by prohibiting Ukrainian forces from launching ATACMS missiles at any military targets in Russia,” the Institute for the Study of War’s (ISW) Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment explained. Many legitimate military targets in Russia are in the range of the US-supplied High Mobility Artillery System, or HIMARS, of which there are 39 in the Ukrainian inventory. However, the existing US policy “continues to prohibit Ukrainian forces from striking legitimate military targets in Russian territory in range of Ukrainian HIMARS,” ISW observed.

Russia Unhappy With American Policy

It’s not surprising that most observers of US policy toward supporting Ukraine are confused. The indeterminate pace at which the Biden administration supplies Ukraine with critical weapon systems and the restrictions levied on the use of those weapons guarantees the Russian invaders will not experience the equipment’s full capability. Nonetheless, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin does not appreciate the nuances of Biden’s conditions for using US-provided weapons. “The Kremlin on Monday [June 3] said the US could face ‘fatal consequences’ if it ignores Moscow’s warnings that Ukraine should not use weapons provided by Washington to attack Russia,” Politico noted.

America’s military involvement in the Ukraine conflict is growing. When the first American contractor is killed or injured on the Ukraine battlefield assisting in maintaining US-provided arms, the Biden administration’s assertion “they will not be in combat” will carry little weight. What it looks like to even a casual observer is that President Biden is easing incrementally the US into a fight with Russia. If that’s the strategy, Biden should say so. Who knows, the “as long as it takes” administration mantra might become “shorter than we imagined.”

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