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Biden and Trump Compete for Union Support

45 and 46 invade Michigan to capture UAW’s votes.

POTUS was asked to stay out of the ongoing labor relations negotiations. Still, after former President Donald Trump planned a splashy event in Clinton Township, MI, for striking members of the United Auto Workers (UAW) on Sept. 27, the current commander-in-chief, Joe Biden, decided in no small haste to show up the day before to walk the picket line and ask for votes.

The strike, now surpassing the ten-day mark, is rich ground for chumming labor support, and although several unions have sided with Biden, the UAW has not weighed in on either 45 or 46 heading into 2024.

Desperation Move for Biden

“Our stance is to stay out, respect the parties unless asked, or unless there’s some reason why we believe that we could be helpful,” acting Labor Secretary Julie Su told Axios on Sept. 6 before the walk-out. It would seem that “some reason” is Trump. The latest presidential poll delivered by left-leaning ABC is creating a tidal wave of angst for the current president and the Democratic Party. As Leesa K. Donner, Editor-in-Chief of Liberty Nation, wrote:

“The top line – as they say in the poll business – shows former President Donald Trump up by ten points in a head-to-head matchup with Joe Biden. While this headline may have shocked those at the Democratic National Headquarters, more alarming news is found in the crosstabs.”

Among those referenced crosstabs is this statement from ABC: “A record number of Americans say they’ve become worse off under his presidency, three-quarters say he’s too old for another term, and Donald Trump is looking better in retrospect – all severe challenges for Biden in his reelection campaign ahead.”

Perhaps it’s a public relations strategy that the current administration has struggled with since the 2020 contest. Trump was everywhere, and Biden was in the basement. Trump showed up in East Palestine, OH, and Biden flew to Ukraine to dole out American taxpayers’ hard-earned resources. And Maui? Oh, that’s right: His “No comment” and “That place you see on TV” had Hawaiians steaming mad at their president.

GettyImages-1676975791 Joe Biden

Joe Biden (Photo by Adam Gray/Getty Images)

True, it’s risky business to be a sitting president and get involved in union negotiations. “It’s very rare for a president to visit strikers,” said Jeremi Suri, a historian and presidential scholar at the University of Texas at Austin. “This would be a major, major shift for Biden to identify the presidency with striking workers, rather than siding with industry or staying above the fray.”

So far, Trump seems to be welcome in the “fray,” but the downside risk is much greater for scrappy Scranton Joe. Missteps at this juncture already have the monied supporters encouraging the Democratic Party to quietly remove the albatross around their collective necks.

You Can’t Troll the Top Troll

Biden has always identified as a proponent of the little guy and gal and not the billionaire boys and girls club. Just like when he declared he once drove “an 18-wheeler” truck, or “got started out of a HBCU, Delaware State,” or talked down a rival gang member named Corn Pop. All unverifiable. But Biden has a formidable task in Michigan: Troll the Trump. This may turn out to be the clash of the political gladiators. At this stage, it looks like sweaty, nervous desperation from the Biden/Harris camp. Is this administration anywhere near perfecting the art of the deal?

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