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Beto’s Bad Idea: Exposing Sports to the Gender Agenda

Beto wants boys in girls’ sports – never mind the facts of biology.

Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke (D-TX) is at it again, trying to build a name for himself with legislation. And, as usual, his attempts fall short of the mark. Now the representative wants to make it so that public schools have to allow boys who identify as girls to compete in girls’ sports.

The Equality Act, which was passed in May with unanimous support from the Democrats, may provide some protection for the LGBTQ community, but it is also dismantling equal rights for women’s sports.

A Rasmussen report showed that the populous is by far against males joining female sports:

  • Adults: 54% against compared to 28% in favor.
  • Independents: 52% opposed while 27% approve.
  • Republicans: 77% against compared to only 13% in favor.

Terry Schilling, the executive director of the American Principles Project, said the poll result demonstrates a public view that female athletes are having their careers taken away:

“It shows how far out the left has come on this; they claim to be pro-feminist and pro-woman, but they support things that will destroy women’s sports.”

Of course, the Democrats see nothing wrong with allowing males whose bodies are generally stronger than females to participate, compete, and win in women-only sports. House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) argued that this policy would not be putting women at a disadvantage. “Many states have sexual orientation and gender identity nondiscrimination laws, and all of them still have women’s sports,” he said. “Arguments about transgender athletes participating in sports in accordance with their gender identity having competitive advantages have not been borne out.”

CeCe Telfer, the male-to-female transgender who won the NCAA women’s national championship, went further to claim that women actually have the advantage over transgender males. “If anything, me competing against cisgender females is a disadvantage because my body is going through so many medical implications, like it’s going through biochemistry changes.”

Even if that is true, the Equality Act does not stipulate that males have to be going through hormone therapy or any other gender changes to be able to participate. Take a look at the tweet below: Does this look fair to women bodybuilders?


Power Play

Is the male body stronger than a female’s? Generally, yes. Does this give them an advantage in girls’ sports? Most definitely. There are countless examples proving this, and here are just a few:

  • Allyson Felix, Team USA sprinter, has more World Championship medals than anyone – male or female. She is also tied with Usain Bolt for the most World Championship golds. Her best is 49.26 seconds in the 400-meters event. In 2018, 275 high school boys ran faster on 783 occasions, according to The Washington Post.
  • Vashti Cunningham for Team USA currently has the American record for high school girls in the high jump at 6 feet, 4 ½ inches. Last year, just in California, 50 high school boys jumped higher than her record.
  • Florence Griffith Joyner, the fastest woman in the world, ran the 100-meter dash in only 10.49 seconds in 1988. Even though she still holds the record (for women, of course), that time would not have even qualified her for the men’s 2016 Olympic competition. Competitors must finish the 100-meter sprint in 10.16 seconds or less to qualify.

The differences in genders are not about identifying oneself with one or the other. There are biological variances that distinguish the sexes. A study in the Journal of Applied Physiology discovered that “men had an average of 25 lbs. (12 kilograms) more skeletal muscle mass than women. Women also exhibited about 40 percent less upper-body strength and 33 percent less lower-body strength, on average.” A 2006 study from the same journal found the differences between men and women were vast. It revealed that:

“…men had much stronger grips than women – the difference was so big that 90 percent of the women scored lower than 95 percent of the men. The team also looked at highly trained female athletes who excelled at sports requiring a strong grip, such as judo or handball. Though these women did have a stronger grip compared with other women, they still performed worse than 75 percent of the men on this task.”

Democrats who claim to be all for equality for women are essentially taking their rights from them. Men and women are not the same, no matter how much one may desire to be the opposite sex. Girls and women are being shut out of their sports, forced to sit on the sidelines while a biological male takes home the medals in what should have been a female-only sport. While there is some outcry among the female athletes, many are afraid to go public for fear of retaliation.

As a final reminder of the disgrace liberals are doing our women and children, watch this video of an eighth-grade girl tell her story of how transgenders in sports has dramatically changed her life:


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