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BBC Indoctrinates Viewers While Fighting ‘Information Disorder’

Young activists are being tasked with scripting the establishment’s loaded narratives.

by | Oct 30, 2023 | Articles, Media, Opinion

Another example of blatant big-box media propaganda in action has wafted over the Atlantic from merry old England. The BBC, the state-affiliated national broadcaster for Britain, holds an annual writer development program that is ostensibly open to all. Yet somehow those tabbed for the most recent season overwhelmingly tilt to the identity politics-obsessed cultural left.

“Out of 4,712 submissions [to the Drama Room development group] in 2022, 13 writers were selected this year,” UK newspaper The Telegraph reported Oct. 21. “Several have social preoccupations described as ‘woke’ as well as identities sometimes considered ‘under-represented’ in the arts and other industries.”

‘Addicted to Social Justice’

The budding BBCers make for a dizzying bunch indeed. The broadcasting giant’s website openly boasts of the subversion programming that is to come. Lily Seriki, one of the selected screenwriters, is “addicted to cuteness and social justice and hopes that by finding the recipe for irresistibly adorable characters, she will be able to indoctrinate many unsuspecting viewers with her militant woke agenda,” the BBC glibly states. Isn’t that a riot? Wait, why aren’t you laughing? “Two other winners, one non-binary, separately say they tell ‘stories of queer, Northern and working-class joy’ and ‘authentic stories about queer and working class lives and culture,’” The Telegraph observed.

There’s more, insufferably more, but you get the idea.

GettyImages-1503349936 BBC

(Photo by Peter Dazeley/Getty Images)

The BBC is claiming surprise that anyone would suspect anything untoward about its “open call” for writers. “Replying to The Telegraph’s request for comment, the BBC emphasized that the selection process is anonymous until the final stage, in which less than 30 people are interviewed,” the paper writes. “Our drama writing schemes are designed to attract the very best emerging writers from across the UK regardless of their background, the application process is incredibly robust and prioritizes the quality of the writing,” a BBC spokesman is quoted as saying.

The uniformity of politically correct thought among those selected makes a complete mockery of such empty words. Given the state of the “journalism” industry today, however, it sadly matters little how obvious this is. Dominant establishment media organs today are rigged, gamed, and controlled. And with each passing day, the puppet strings become more visible to the public at large.

BBC – Just Another Funded Activist Group

BBC Media Action is the official international charity of the state broadcaster. Its mission statement is anything but humble. “Our projects and programs save lives, protect livelihoods, counter misinformation, challenge prejudice and build democracy,” the charitable arm says on its website. The language is disturbingly in lockstep with countless progressive academic, media, and political ventures throughout the Western world today.

Also omnipresent within that messianic orbit is “philanthropic” support from globalist billionaires. A glance at the top ten donors to BBC Media Action as listed in its 2021-22 annual report shows the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation chiming in to the tune of $2,282,048.

Other high-dollar donors are well worth noting. They include the United Nations Development Program, global migration-enabling NGO the International Rescue Committee, and multinational consumer product corporate goliath Unilever. The BBC regularly reports on all these outfits, all while pocketing vast sums of cash via its “Media Action” venture. So it should be no surprise that BBC Media Action is brazenly partisan in its activities. The progressive establishment opposition censorship campaign known as “combatting misinformation” is a central part of the operation.

“We believe that the principles of public service broadcasting have never been so relevant, and supplying accurate, trusted and trustworthy information on media platforms that reach people at scale is one of the most effective antidotes to information disorder,” a BBC Media Action website page on squelching “false information” proclaims. “At the heart of our work is training and mentoring journalists, editors and other media professionals working in local and national media organizations, supporting them to deliver trusted information in the public interest.”

How does the BBC square this devout commitment to “trusted information” with hiring a script writer eager to “indoctrinate many unsuspecting viewers with her militant woke agenda?”

It should be evident on its face that a group of individuals so haughty that they would arrogate to themselves the mantle of defenders of truth, tolerance, and representative government will easily be able to tuck such disparate sentiments into one overarching agenda, and even have the added gall to call that agenda “unbiased.” The BBC Drama Room selectees are young, woke, and culturally “diverse.” Talent is clearly not what is prized here, but ideology.

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