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Are Suburban Moms Ready to Abandon the Democrats?

Between lessons on CRT and graduation speakers pledging allegiance to Allah, it's getting mighty uncomfortable for that all-important voting bloc of soccer moms.

by | Jun 15, 2021 | Articles, Opinion, Politics

Political analysts will tell you that suburban women are a crucial voting bloc. First, they vote in great numbers; second, they can be fickle; and, third, you just are not going to win an election without them. Suburban women voted in multitudes for Biden & Company in 2020, but Democrats risk alienating the people that put them in power if things keep going as they are.

To fully comprehend what is shaping the mind of the suburban woman voter, one must walk a mile in her Skechers. These are the gals who run the PTA, serve as the primary taxi drivers for their children’s sports teams, and bring baked goods and flowers to Teacher Appreciation Day.

In great numbers, they were turned off by President Trump’s personality. In the last election, women voted for Joe Biden over the president 57% to 42%. More specifically, Biden made gains among college-educated white women voters who supported him in greater numbers than Hillary Clinton.

Yet there is a disconnect: These are the gals who drive gas-guzzling SUVs to haul their kids around yet worry about climate change. Mothers of school-aged children outside urban areas find MS-13 gangs frightening but do not want to see pictures of border kids in cages while eating their Lean Cuisine entrée. They can be a genteel and civil lot – until you start messing with their kids.

Then all bets are off.

Tiger Mom to the Rescue

Mothers of girls who participate in sports are not hep to those who “identify” as female sauntering into their teenage daughter’s locker room. They do not appreciate when transgenders compete against their girls in sports, either. These women often help with homework and know what their children are being taught in school. In short, they are dialed in to their kids’ education.

Recently in Falls Church, VA, Fairfax County Public School (FCPS) board member Abrar Omeish gave the keynote commencement address at Justice (formerly J.E.B. Stuart) High School. Omeish startled her audience by altering the words of the pledge of allegiance to “One nation under Allah.” That may have raised some eyebrows, but it proved to be only the start of a rant littered with class- and race-based overtones:

“We struggle with human greed, racism, extreme versions of individualism and capitalism, white supremacy, growing wealth gaps, disease, climate crisis, extreme poverty amidst luxury and waste right next door, and the list goes on.”

So much for the inspiration of “Oh, the places you will go!” Oops, we forgot — the schools have disassociated from Dr. Seuss books. This may be one of those rare times when parents and students actually remember the graduation speech. As if this wasn’t enough to alarm soccer moms, it appears something was lost in the translation. When Omeish switched between speaking English and Arabic, the Daily Mail caught an odd translation “error”:

“But when she repeated the speech in Arabic, she told students to remember their ‘jihad’ — meaning holy war waged on behalf of Islam, according to Merriam Webster.”

In Loudoun County, VA, the contempt for teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT) is rapidly becoming epic. A gathering storm in a metropolitan Washington, D.C., suburb is making the national news almost weekly with a very vociferous backlash against the controversial curriculum. Wild and raucous school board meetings have now led to an organized recall effort of school board members.

The Washington Times published an article about Loudoun County, saying the school board is out of control. This time it wasn’t social issues that caught the eyes of The Times but rather what many consider pornographic material being taught in the schools. Cheryl Chumley wrote:

“But don’t teach the Bible in public schools — no, not even in a comparative religion class, and most certainly not as part of a history course. Too radical; too offensive.

“Oral sex, on the other hand, is accepted course material.

“What’s next, required Kama Sutra reading? Looking for Mr. Goodbar? Or perhaps a delve into a how-to series — ’How to Properly Fit a Condom,’ for example, or ‘How to Have Sex in a Locker Room Without Getting Caught,’ for instance.”

[bookpromo align=”left”] It is not a stretch to say that most moms do not want schools parenting their children. They don’t want their kids pledging allegiance to Allah, nor are they interested in the schools propagandizing their sons and daughters with a controversial curriculum about race.

The final characteristic of the suburban mom is intelligence: These are bright and educated people who take their parenting very seriously. Will they realize that the power is in their hands to stop much of this public school angst by voting more conservatively — from the school board on up to the president of the United States?

Democrats just may find out sooner rather than later.


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