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Why The Anti-Coulter Berkeley Protest Was A Victory

by | May 2, 2017 | The Left

­April 27, 2017, was a great day for liberty.  After a scheduled speech by Ann Coulter was canceled due to security concerns, freedom of expression advocates descended on Berkeley, California to protest the cancellation of the event, rally for free speech and to read the text of Ms. Coulter’s speech out loud.  For the first time in many months, they were mostly left alone to do so in peace.  Why was this so monumental?

“AntiFa” (short for “Anti-Fascists”), is a far-left terrorist organization, who’s members wear all black and mask their faces like ISIS.  Anti-Fa is known for disrupting events that they don’t like by destroying property and attacking peaceful people anonymously with pepper spray, sticks, locks, knives, bottles, rocks and explosives.  Some of their favorite tactics include: having women engage in distraction discussions with their victims so men can execute sneak attacks with a variety of weapons, singling out individuals, assaulting them in packs, and dragging them off to beat them. As well they favor throwing projectiles at their human prey, including feces.

As reported in Liberty Nation, AntiFa previously interrupted several events in Berkeley this year, assaulting speech attendees, attacking rally goers, setting fires, and destroying property on several occasions.  At every opportunity, the Berkeley Police Department did very little to intervene.  And at every event, AntiFa’s tactics became bolder.  So, what changed this time, why did AntiFa stand down?  There are several reasons:

First, Patriots are now defending themselves, and getting better at it!  At the March 4th pro-Trump rally, several attendees including Kyle Chapman, aka “Based Stickman” attended the rally prepared, wearing sports helmets, respirators, eye protection, and shields.  As the AntiFa mob attacked the rally, several attendees including Chapman formed a defensive line and successfully held their own despite being outnumbered.  Hilariously, Chapman was arrested and charged with several felonies for defending himself and others.  The internet came to his rescue, raising over $60,000 for his defense within 24 hours, and he was back out on the street.

Chapman’s action became the inspiration for many, and by the time the April 15 Tax Day free speech rally arrived, many more attendees, including those from Oathkeepers, came from all over the United States ready to exercise their 2nd Amendment right to self-defense in support of their 1st Amendment right of free speech.  Berkeley police initially separated rally attendees and counter-protestors, but when AntiFa attacked rally-goers with smoke bombs and explosives, Berkeley police were AWOL again.  Patriots responded by charging into the AntiFa mob and routed them thoroughly.  When April 27 came around, Patriots organized even further.  In attendance were Oathkeepers, Kyle Chapman’s newly formed Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights, and Bikers for Trump, all ready to defend rally-goers if police again failed to do their job.

But this time Berkeley Police stepped up to the plate.  On April 27, Berkeley police showed up in full force.  They created a barrier of police officers between the rally and counter-protestors.  They arrested a man for refusing to remove a mask and another for carrying a knife.  They physically separated rally goers from protesters to assist them in engaging in peaceful discourse.  Stripped of their anonymity, even those AntiFa who might otherwise be brave enough to attack rally-goers apparently chose to step away from a possible conflict.

Finally, as reported in Liberty Nation, Berkeley AntiFa is rapidly being outed by the efforts of 4chan’s /pol/ community.  New information came out in the last week that /pol/ has extended their efforts.  They are not only analyzing camera and video footage of AntiFa attacks in Berkeley.  They are now creating a database of images of individual AntiFa terrorists, for the purpose of identifying them to the general public.  They are also focusing some attention on the John Brown Gun Club, an openly armed extreme leftist group near Phoenix, and exploring the use of infrared cameras to see through AntiFa masks.

All of this has many within Berkeley AntiFa frightened.  One Reddit discussion of AntiFa members shows them acknowledging a defeat on April 15, and looking for better tactics.  Another Redditor announced his retirement From AntiFa due to the cowardice of his “comrades.”  Another expressed fear for his safety after /pol/ revealed the presumed identity of the perpetrator of an April 15th attack against a Trump supporter.

But Patriots cannot relax.  These thugs will surely return to Berkeley whenever they can hurt people without consequence. It goes without saying that violent leftists are running amok in other cities across the world.  The Atlantic reports that in Portland, Oregon officials canceled the Avenue of Roses Parade due to threats against the Multnomah County Republican Party.  The leftists making the threats stated that their group has the power to shut down the roads, that the police cannot stop them, and they promised to have, “two hundred or more people rush into the parade into the middle and drag and push those people out… .”  Breitbart reports that Blac Bloc injured two police officers in Cologne and burned a police car while attempting to disrupt the Alternative for Germany party convention.  Further, some AntiFa’s are considering the use of firearms in their tactics, which is not a good idea for AntiFa but will be much worse for their victims.

Marxists are cowards and hypocrites.  Like any criminal, they commit vile acts of violence and terror while they are safe from retaliation.  When faced with anything near equal force, or shown the light of day, they scurry like cockroaches.  You cannot rely on the police to protect you.  So those who love liberty must stay vigilant, safeguard their rights, and oppose these communists at every opportunity.  But they must do so with intelligence and within the confines of the law.

And let us pray that members of AntiFa don’t pick up a firearm.  Because once the left rings that particular bell, it will be very hard to silence.

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