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Andrew Gillum – Sex, Drugs, and Rehab?

The deeper you dig, the tawdrier it gets for the Democrat, who almost became Florida’s governor.

Tallahassee’s Democratic star, Andrew Gillum, appears to be living proof of the adage “The higher you climb, the harder you fall.” In the last few days, Gillum’s drop has been precipitous, as previously reported by Liberty Nation following what appears to be a messy scene in a Miami hotel room.

Now, as they say, the plot thickens.

Gillum was nabbed in a Miami hotel where three bags of crystal meth allegedly were found. Two others were in the room with Florida’s almost-governor – one unconscious in what police indicated was a possible drug-induced cardiac arrest. The Democrats’ star politician in the last election was unable to provide any details regarding what went on in the room, according to the incident report, because he was in the bathroom vomiting. The three men were supposed “friends”; however, word is leaking out that perhaps something of a sexual nature may have been part of the event.

Outspoken conservative Candace Owens first broke this story on her Twitter feed. She now insists that one of the men present, Travis Dyson, “has come forth to reveal that he is no friend, but an open male escort.” She claims the gentlemen were in various states of undress and, “Yes – police were wearing body cams so this footage will come out.”

Spin Control

Initially, Gillum publicly acknowledged that he had “had too much to drink” and “never used methamphetamines.”  Then on March 15, Gillum released a statement that he is entering a rehabilitation facility for depression and alcohol abuse. The former Tallahassee mayor, who came within a breath of becoming the governor of Florida, was permitted to leave the scene of the incident accompanied by a police escort. Thus far, he has not been charged with a crime. There is nothing to indicate Gillum was forced to submit to a toxicology test that might have revealed if he was under the influence of meth as well as alcohol.

The incident, Gillum noted, “was a wake-up call for me.” He also cited his run for the governorship and his razor-thin loss to Ron DeSantis as the causes of his depression and alcohol abuse. None of this, of course, addresses a sexual side of the incident, if indeed one of the men was a paid male escort, as Owens now claims.

This isn’t the only time the rising Democratic politician has been mixed up in the seedier side of things. In 2019, Gillum was snagged by the Florida Commission on Ethics for accepting gifts from lobbyists, a violation of Florida state law. A cash settlement of $5,000 was made to end that case, according to the Associated Press.

Republican DeSantis edged out Gillum 49.6% to 49.2% in a contentious race to win the governor’s seat in the Sunshine State. Since his narrow loss, Gillum has been a commentator on CNN and involved in a Democratic voter registration drive.

In light of recent events, it appears that Floridians may have dodged a bullet in choosing DeSantis over Gillum. Could it be that the good people of Florida just missed electing an ethically questionable, drug-using Democrat with sexual promiscuity issues as their governor? Whether these allegations pan out or not, it does seem the Democratic Party in Florida will be in search of another rising star. For now, at least, Gillum appears to be nothing more than a shooting star that will disappear into the abyss.


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