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Campus Follies: Far Left Radicals

by | Oct 1, 2017 | The Left

Many collegegoers look to their trusted campus faculty for guidance and inspiration.  As a university student myself, there are quite a few devoted instructors who have left a permanent influence.  But what if your professor wants you dead?  Yes, one academic at a criminal justice academy stated that it is a “privilege to teach future dead cops.”


It is well known that violent leftist ideology has infiltrated the U.S. education system.  Michael “Mike” Isaacson, an economics professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and co-founder of the group Smash Racism, has a history of encouraging vicious actions against police officers and Republicans.  As found in an undercover video investigation by Project Veritas, the lecturer previously organized Smash Racism and other groups to barricade and “throat punch” those attempting to attend President Trump’s inauguration in Washington D.C., earlier this year.  Frighteningly, this economics professional “educating” our youth is oblivious rega­rding First Amendment freedoms… and logic.

Now, the outspoken member of Antifa is facing suspension from John Jay College for his recent vehement Tweets directed at students and cops.

As a result of his hateful social media posts, the professor has received numerous death threats leading to paid leave from John Jay, as noted in his interview on the Fox News show Kennedy.  He attributes the blame for his suspension to the “Republican agenda” of unfairly finding his public Tweets and expressing their outlooks on the content.  Again, it seems that the academic requires a lesson on First Amendment rights and logic.

Far Left Radical

Although during his Fox News discussion he claims to be accepting of all beliefs, many at the criminal justice institute may fear for their safety and GPA given the instructor’s intolerance and planned attacks towards current and future police officers and right-leaning citizens.  In fact, Rate My Professor, a site frequented by the savvy collegegoer to evaluate lecturers before taking their courses, displays some pertinent reviews from his past students.  One pupil from January of this year writes:

“Isaacson is a far left radical with an extreme agenda. Beware.”

For his comments, the student received 24 “likes” from colleagues.  Another humorously remarked of Isaacson, “He’s very scatterbrained.” He was also not awarded the site’s chili pepper rating (which symbolizes attractiveness) despite his flowing, glowing hair and blue and pink painted nails.  Not hot Isaacson, not hot.

A quick snoop through of his Twitter account also led me to some disturbing findings.  For one, he enjoys music by Smash Mouth.  Secondly, he displays a profound lack of critical thinking skills for an educator.

For what reason do cops carry guns on the job?  In the case of a campus shooting, is the officer expected to loudly play Smash Mouth and wait for the perpetrators to surrender out of torture?  Undoubtedly, however, and regardless of how cowardly he may be, Isaacson would have the selfless protection from law enforcement personnel, who serve the law and community regardless of the victim’s level of ignorance.

With the instructor’s current paid leave situation, it seems that he has exceeding amounts of time on his hands, sending out scores of Tweets per day.  Perhaps during this time, instead of wasting hours on social media, he could self-evaluate and read a few books on rational thinking skills and the Constitution, which allows him to freely spew his ignorant views without receiving physical harm or imprisonment.

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