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100 Days of Laughable Leftist Disruption

by | Jan 19, 2017 | The Dialogue, The Left

100 days resistance agenda

When an old man who sounds like he’s smoking weed — and a middle-aged man who does — get together, well, there’s no telling what insanity may be manifested. Gone are the days when Democrats like John F. Kennedy popularized (but did not author) the phrase, “A rising tide lifts all boats.” No, indeed. These days, those on the left are instructed to swim against the tide with muscle, madness, and intensity. Paddle upstream, Comrades! Trump is in office –the time to resist is upon us.

From the fruit of such collaboration “The First 100 Days Resistance Agenda” is born. Authored by Robert Reich and promoted by Michael Moore, the clarion call has gone out to disrupt everything and anything to which the 45th President of the United States puts his hand.

Ah yes, the tolerant, liberal [sic] left is struggling and straining against the raging waters on the right. This powerful resistance movement appears to put the words of our former First Lady to the test.

“When they go low, we get go high.”

Here are but a few of those penetrating and lofty strategies. (It doesn’t seem right to waste your time with all twelve, but if you’re really bored, they can be found here.)

From the keyboard of Mr. Reich (Drum roll, please.):

  1. Get your senators and representatives to pledge to oppose Trump’s agenda. Reject his nominees, prolong the process of approving them, draw out hearings on legislation. Call your senator and your representative and don’t stop calling.

Are these the very folks who begged for hope and change? Now that real hope for economic growth and the real chance to bring back jobs is upon us; it’s time to put that phone on speed dial. Call the Congress. Congressional action, of course, is their worst option because our legislators have two speeds – slow and stop. Representatives and Senators are masters at prolonging, drawing out and gumming up the works. One wonders if calls are even necessary to accomplish this objective.

  1. March and demonstrate. The Women’s March on Washington will be the day after the Inauguration. There should be “sister” marches around the country. And then monthly marches against hate. Keep the momentum alive and keep the message going.

Could there be anything more productive for our nation than monthly marches against hate? These acts of civil disobedience on the left rarely result in vandalism or crime. And they boost the local economy with thousands of hours in overtime for the local police – not to mention the National Guard. Indeed, if the left wants to actualize this maxim, they should seek to arrange another “four dead in Ohio.” For those of us old enough to remember the phrase, that will make a splash.  We must have mass turmoil in the streets for a better America. So much to do, so little time.

  1. Make your city and state sanctuaries that won’t cooperate with federal immigration authorities in deporting undocumented immigrants, especially people who have been here since they were very young.

When all else fails, disrupt with those who have the most to gain and the least to lose. Put a stake in the ground, or perhaps one of Mr. Obama’s red lines in the sand. Those are very effective. Pit the state and federal governments against one another. Tie it all up in the courts in a neat bow. Sanctuary cities will solve so many of our immigration problems. Put the illegal aliens in a bubble. The left is good at that – just ask the Japanese about FDR. Okay, I’m exaggerating here — they weren’t sanctuary cities, they were internment camps. But let’s face it, the left is above average in grouping people by race, gender, and religion.

Finally, we come to a genuine whopper –the disrupter of all disrupters:

  1. Boycott all Trump products, real estate, hotels, resorts, everything. And then boycott all stores (like Nordstrom) that carry merchandise from Trump family brands.

Down with Nordstrom. (No shoes for the left.) Up with Kellogg’s. (No corn flakes for the right.) No dinners at Trump International. (It’s off to McDonald’s for you.) No golf games at Trump National. (What will Barry do now?) It will be a consumer-ghetto on steroids. Moreover, the Trump mega-gazillion-dollar-empire will go bankrupt, belly-up, without millions from the left. Yessirree, that’ll get the job done – on time and within budget. That’s the ticket.

Although these are just a few, choice, agenda items from Mr. Reich and Mr. Moore, there are oh so many more powerful and poignant plans to resist. Maybe we can even think of a few? Along those lines, my personal favorite comes from the commentariat section of the Independent Journal Review. Someone named EAB wrote:

Moore should strongly consider 100 days resisting doughnuts. Probably better for his health.

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