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Why Illegal Aliens Want to Be Caught

The border crisis is just a bunch of hype and a scare tactic to get money to build a wall that no one needs, right? That’s what all the experts tell us. CNN’s Jim Acosta made a big production with his video tweet, showing no surge of illegal immigrants swarming Trump’s border wall, and New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham recently toured some of the southern border towns and declared there wasn’t a crisis.

But tell that to the citizens who live in areas where there is little to no security to protect them from migrants sneaking their way into the U.S. The Rio Grande Valley in Texas is the hotspot for criminal crossings, representing about half of the traffic that comes into the United States. Recently, 110 illegals were caught being smuggled over a wall in the area. And just a week before that, 376 Central American migrants were apprehended as they tried to cross illegally. What happens to people and families who live in the unprotected areas?

Just ask the residents of the unincorporated community of Hachita, in the southwest corner of New Mexico, some of whom spoke out against the governor’s no crisis statement and begged her to visit their area. Conservative Tribune explains that “the last vestige of civilization before Highway 81 ends at a border entry point, the town has become a hub for illegal immigration.” [perfectpullquote align=”right” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=”24″]Deportation isn’t much of a deterrent…[/perfectpullquote]

Amanda Adame, the owner of a 24,000-acre ranch, once spotted a group of camouflage-dressed armed men hanging around her water tank. “By the time they get to my house,” she said, “the Border Patrol is not going to catch them. There’s too much space.”

And not all migrants are being sneaky; many actually appear to want to be caught, according to the Tribune. Border Patrol officials say that “many of the illegals coming over in mass numbers are trying to get caught.”

They Want to be Caught

Liberty Nation’s Sarah Cowgill wrote:

“Mexico has invited the members of the caravan to stay in a familiar place with the promise of shelter, employment, healthcare, education, and immediate financial assistance.

But instead, immigrants are doubling-down on coming to America. Why?”

Let’s face it, America is the promised land: better jobs, education, freedom of religion, free food, free health care, and so on. Free is the operative word here. When groups of illegal immigrants get arrested, they are taken to the Border Patrol station. There, after crossing hot deserts, they are given water to quench their thirst and food to fill their bellies – for free, of course. If they are sick, they receive medical attention. They are provided with shelter while they wait to begin the process of applying for Asylum – all free of charge to them, of course.

senior-dod-official-three-migrant-caravans-headed-to-us.-one-with-12000Meanwhile, taxpayers foot the bill. In California alone, the citizens lose approximately $15.63 billion on education; $4.02 billion on health care; $4.4 billion cleaning up crimes; and $3.86 billion from illegal immigrants sending money home – and those are just yearly totals for one state.

It doesn’t help that the liberals are calling for open borders, states are declaring sanctuary status and prohibiting local law enforcement from aiding ICE, illegals are getting the right to vote, and the general message is “welcome all, no matter what.” Why wouldn’t migrants wish to come here?

Deportation isn’t much of a deterrent with liberals screaming for leniency and the courts so backlogged it could take months or years before any action is taken. For those who aren’t violent criminals in fear of going to prison, migrants may very well wish to be caught if only to rest, get some food and water, and wait out an asylum decision in relative comfort – it beats trekking through hot terrain with a hundred other immigrants.

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