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Trump the Rock vs. McConnell the Hard Place – LN Radio Videocast

Democrats must be enjoying the growing balkanization of the Republican party.

Donald Trump lays down the battle lines in a speech before big GOP fundraisers, insulting Mitch McConnell after the nation’s top-ranking Republican and senate minority leader had done the same to him weeks before.  We discuss what good can possibly come out of this feud, where the dispirited and divided GOP goes from here, and how the Democratic party might exploit this balkanization as they face their own internal disputes on just how hard and how far to push their leftist agenda. We’re joined in our analysis by LibertyNation.com Political Columnist Joe Schaeffer, And LN Legal Affairs Editor Scott D. Cosenza joins us for talkin’ liberty, featuring the FDA pausing the Johnson and Johnson Vaccine, Maryland repealing the Police Bill of Rights, and a court saving a grocer from an ADA nightmare.

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