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This Week in Open Borders America: The New Pacific Border

The Golden State is in the midst of an “exponential increase in maritime smuggling.”

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Imagine relaxing by the ocean, taking pictures of the waves, and then suddenly having to swim out of the way when a boat carrying illegal migrants abruptly appears. That’s what Jack Enright, a San Diego native and videographer, said happened to him. “It was just chaos, honestly,” he recalled, referring to the eight or so people who “flew up” onto the shore and ran up a staircase that led to the street where they disappeared into La Jolla. “And everyone just jumped and started running.”

Unfortunately, this type of thing is happening more frequently as Biden’s open border policies continue to allow illegal immigrants flooding into the US. Although it isn’t unusual for migrants to use the Pacific Ocean to sneak into the nation, Brandon Tucker, director of Customs and Border Protection’s Air and Marine Operations in San Diego said the Golden State has seen an “exponential increase in maritime smuggling” over the last three years.

Nearly 8,000 migrants have been caught trying to illegally enter America via the Pacific Ocean or its inlets since 2020, according to CBP. In California, law enforcement had 308 maritime smuggling events in 2020 compared to 736 last fiscal year.

“Smugglers have convinced migrants that the maritime environment is an easier route. It’s more of a sure thing,” Tucker said. “And in fact, it’s not. … Ocean smuggling is so dangerous.”

Colorado County Suing State Over Immigration

As the continued influx of migrants into the country continues, Douglas County in Colorado filed a lawsuit on Monday, April 15, against the state for its immigration policies. The suit was filed against Governor Jared Polis, a Democrat, for Colorado House bills 19-1124 and 23-1100 that, among other things, forbids the state’s police from arresting or detaining the undocumented or judges from providing and exchanging information with ICE.

New Banner - This Week in Open Borders AmericaIn a press conference, Douglas County Commissioner George Teal said federal policies on immigration at the southern border of caused an “unlimited stream of illegal immigrants into our communities.”

The purpose behind the lawsuit is to protect legal residents. County Commissioner Abe Laydon said it’s “a place where quality of life comes first, and we want to prioritize the rights of those who are legally here first.”

Migrants Protest in NYC

More than 1,000 migrants took to the streets of the Big Apple in protest shortly before a city council oversight hearing on the experience of black arrivals. The immigrants – most of whom hail from Haiti, Guinea, and West Africa – demanded more aid, better shelters, and work permits. New York City Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat, has found himself besieged by the swarms of undocumented in his city – and he puts the blame squarely President Joe Biden’s thin, frail shoulders.

“As we have said repeatedly, the federal government needs to finish the job they started by providing an immediate pathway to work for the tens of thousands of migrants they let into this country,” read a statement from the mayor’s office. The missive continued to extol the great accomplishments Adams’ administration has accomplished but pointed out that “New York City should have never been left largely on its own to manage this national humanitarian crisis.”

According to the New York Post, some of the protesters attended the event because they were told they would receive green cards and work visas. They were reportedly led to City Hall by an activist group.

City Councilmember Alexa Avilés, the chair of the Committee on Immigration, posted on X: “We must uproot the anti-Blackness that plagues our systems of care – this work requires dedication, creativity, and a city willing to fund our short, mid, and long term needs.”

A bill was introduced during the meeting that would require the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection, along with the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs, to poll new arrivals to get their skills and economic prospects. New York City Comptroller Brad Lander wrote on X: “Black migrants, who are disproportionately harmed by every aspect of our immigration system, deserve language justice, dignity, and access to services.”

What will next week bring us in Open Borders America?

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