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The New President, Caricature of Himself – LN Radio Videocast

True to form, Biden stumbles, bumbles and prevaricates in his breakout appearance.

We go left and right, dissecting the first TV appearance by the new president, replete with unchallenged gaffes or dodges, and we examine the life and times, legend and legacy of Rush Limbaugh after he succumbed to cancer following three decades as the nation’s most popular and influential talk radio host. We’re joined by LibertyNation.com Managing Editor Mark Angelides to discuss President Biden’s puzzling statement on China plus a couple of intriguing articles he wrote recently: 2022 Pandora’s Box Has Been Opened, on impeachment and next year’s elections, and The Unrequited Love Of Politics – is it time to bid farewell to your love of politics? Plus, LN Legal Affairs Editor Scott D. Cosenza jumps on board for talkin’ liberty – featuring Andrew Cuomo on the griddle and the CDC bowing to teachers’ unions.

Click for a videocast of this episode of LN Radio. For more episodes click here.

Click for a podcast of this episode of LN Radio. For more episodes click here.

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