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The Day of Reckoning for China: LN Radio Videocast

After the many Chinese transgressions during the pandemic, America can no longer look the other way.

We focus on the immediate – how and when the country should open back up – but also the long term impact of our relationship with China after the bat virus from one of their laboratories shut down the world. Victor Davis Hanson is back to discuss the increasingly heavy hand of governors and how leftists are using this crisis to push the nation toward their progressive agenda. And Roger Robinson,  former senior official in the Ronald Reagan National Security Council, joins us to talk about his coordinated effort to convince Americans to pull their money out of China. Plus, LibertyNation.com Legal Affairs Editor Scott Cosenza joins us to enumerate the latest threats to something that’s been under serious attack during the crisis…. liberty.

Click for a podcast of this episode of LN Radio. For more episodes click here.

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