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Test Your News Knowledge Quiz – October 22, 2023

Test Your News Knowledge - 10/22/23
1. With multiple wars happening in different parts of the world, the White House is considering implementing a supplemental funding bill that would _______ monetary assistance from the US.
2. Some Americans are becoming increasingly concerned about _________ as the Israeli war persists.
3. President Biden awarded $7 billion in federal grants to companies across 16 states to further support his administration’s ___________.
4. A recent poll by Gallup found that 63% of Americans are tired of:
5. President Biden’s plan to meet with foreign leaders from Jordan, Palestine, and Egypt was upended after an explosion killed at least 500 people at a(n) ________ in Gaza City.
6. The majority wins when electing a Speaker of the House. When that system fails, however, a rule change could allow a speaker to be elected by?
7. While all the GOP hopefuls agree to support Israel, which candidate would like to unfreeze the $6 billion meant for Iran and instead give it to Israel?
8. Many US presidents have been forced to face the prospect of war. Which commander-in-chief promised, if elected, he would keep the US out of the European conflict but, once elected, entered the country into World War I?
9. What market has seen a 15% drop in sales over the last 12 months, along with a nearly 3% increase in price?
10. Who is set to receive $60 billion from the US based on President Biden’s proposed foreign aid plan?

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