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Test Your News Knowledge Quiz – November 12, 2023

by | Nov 12, 2023 | Articles, Quizzes

Test Your News Knowledge - 11/12/23
1. President Biden vowed to veto a bill that grants over $14 billion in aid to _______.
2. President Biden recently hosted a meeting with leaders from 11 Western Hemisphere countries to discuss ______________, though it was hardly the topic of conversation.
3. After support declined from the Muslim American community regarding Biden’s support for Israel, the president’s administration voiced its concern about Islamophobia on what public forum?
4. Some of the most prominent elected roles at the state level, like Kentucky’s District 93 replacement, are determined during:
5. Beyond overseeing the Trump hearing itself, District Judge Tanya S. Chutkan will first decide whether to allow:
6. The results of the case against Zackey Rahimi will profoundly influence ongoing and future:
7. On November 8, 1965, during the Vietnam War, Americans devised a strategy named __________ to drive the Vietcong out from their positions.
8. What single issue, one that many Republicans seem to be on the fence about, may very well keep the White House occupied by Democrats?
9. Which candidate did several media outlets – both right and left – declare the winner of the third debate on November 8?
10. The report recently published by two House of Representatives committees revealed a scheme, coordinated by the US government, to suppress and censor social media posts surrounding the:

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