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Test Your News Knowledge Quiz – June 2, 2024

Test Your News Knowledge - 6/02/24
1. Testimony from _______ regarding the COVID-19 pandemic raised more questions about Dr. Fauci and the conspiracies surrounding the origin of the illness.
2. After being deemed unconstitutional, the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) was recently removed as a ballot initiative for the November election in this state:
3. JPMorgan Chase signed an agreement with ______, a biometric payment system that would scan faces for authenticity.
4. In a recently published interview, Hilary Clinton stated that she did not win the presidency in 2016 because she:
5. Z-Men was the nickname given to members of the ______ during World War II.
6. Third-party presidential candidate RFK Jr. promised to deliver on President Biden’s failed attempt to provide reparations to:
7. May Pentagon reports suggest that _______ has launched a weapon capable of destroying US satellites in low-Earth orbit.
8. What actor accused Donald Trump of wanting to destroy the country, and even the world, outside of a Manhattan courthouse?
9. California is piloting a mileage fee program targeted at drivers of ________ called Road Charge as an alternative to the gas tax.
10. After less than 12 hours of deliberation, a jury found former president Donald Trump guilty on ____felony counts.

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