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Test Your News Knowledge Quiz – April 7, 2024

Test Your News Knowledge - 4/7/24
1. Democratic strategist James Carville blames _________ for President Biden’s struggle in the polls.
2. A recent study concluded that eating ______ rather than traditional livestock may be more efficient.
3. The price of _____ has recently increased to nearly $10,000 per metric ton.
4. Republican House of Representatives member Matt Maddock posted on X that there were three police-escorted buses full of illegal invaders at Detroit Metro when, in fact, it was _______.
5. Potentially against their will and better judgment, FBI agents are spending their days interrogating American citizens about their:
6. After holding steady over fifty years following World War II, there was a huge jump in the number of Americans wanting to _________ sometime in the last three decades.
7. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. went shockingly left when he chose ______ as his running mate.
8. In the last week of March, the 3rd US Circuit Court of Appeals voted 2-1 that all mail-in-ballots in ________ must have dated envelopes to be included in the count.
9. Florida, a presumed solid win for Republicans in the upcoming election, is taking a turn to the left due to strict bans and changing laws surrounding:
10. A myriad of headlines from major news sources is attempting to show that Donald Trump is portraying himself as:

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