George Lucas created one of the most successful sagas in Hollywood history – Star Wars. Disney bought the franchise and in a matter of only a few years using a form of anti-alchemy turned gold into horse manure with the dark force of social justice identity politics.

The new Star Wars standalone movie Solo tanked at the box office. Those who bothered to see it in the theaters report that it is not a bad movie. However, most fans stayed home because the Force had been zapped out of them by Episode VIII.

That’s not the explanation floating around in the social justice sphere, though. White men are the problem. Movie reviewer at Forbes Scott Mendelson thinks the racist fans are the problem, not the movies.

Book burning

The problem runs much deeper than that. One of the main characters of the Star Wars universe, Luke Skywalker, was thrown in the garbage bin in The Last Jedi in such a careless way that actor Mark Hamill was not able to contain his anger and devastation. Frankly, he looked like a broken man.

Director, writer, and Sith Lord Rian Johnson also practically canned the entire Jedi religion in a flare of book burning. Hamill begged Johnson to respect the canon and the fans, but progressive Johnson wanted nothing left of tradition and had to make way for the glorious future.

Atlas Shrugged

The progressive story arc should not come as a surprise to the well-informed. The same pattern is so common that Russian-American author Ayn Rand made an entire novel about it in her famous Atlas Shrugged. The story repeats so often in the real world that she seems almost prophetic. To the uninitiated the arc is as follows:

#1: The Inheritance

The back story is always some amazing accomplishment of the past: some great nation, great saga or company, which is loved and admired. In the case of Venezuela, it was the richest and most well-developed country in South America with more natural resources than almost anywhere on earth.

Then, for some reason, those who built that heritage loses power. They grow old and die, they lose an election, the franchise is sold. The golden goose is passed on to the heir – the new owner.

#2: The heirs denigrate their heritage

Almost from the start, the heirs declare moral superiority to those who built the system they inherited. America was built on slavery, a white man built Star Wars for a patriarchal audience, those evil capitalist oil companies were stealing the oil of Venezuela.

The heirs propose to use the accumulated wealth to enact “progressive” ideas. In Venezuela that meant to replace capitalism with socialism and redistribution of wealth. In the Star Wars universe, it meant that “The Force is Female,” to quote Producer and President of Lucasfilm Kathleen Kennedy, and burning of the canon.

#3 Atlas shrugs

Then comes the backlash. As always, the progressive ideology leads to failure. Productive people are fleeing the People’s Republic of California in droves. Star Wars fan are fleeing the new Social Justice Wars. In Venezuela they are now eating their pets to survive.

#4 “That wasn’t real socialism!”

When the Dark Side of the Force fails and leads to destruction, do the progressives learn from their mistakes? Absolutely not. They blame everything and everyone else and their grandmother.

Communism in the Soviet Union, China, Eastern Europe, North-Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia and Somalia lead to catastrophe, but that wasn’t real socialism, you see.

Cuba was heaven on earth – except for the U.S. embargo. Venezuela has empty store shelves because those evil capitalists are plotting against the country. Hillary lost the election because of Russian collusion. Star Wars is failing because of racist fans and the seasons.

The Sith

Not unsurprisingly the original Star Wars series has its own unique arc of evil. While most are familiar with Darth Vader as the ultimate super-villain, the real villain of the Evil Empire was the Emperor and Sith Lord Darth Sidious.

The Star Wars saga follows along a similar arc as Atlas Shrugged, but with one important and enlightening difference. In Star Wars, the evil Siths were only very few in numbers, yet were able to infiltrate and nimble themselves into positions of power through insidious manipulation and subversion techniques.

Eventually they became so powerful that the heroes of the Republic, like Obi-Wan Kenobi, became the official villain who had to hide in a cave.

So far, the Sith Lords have taken over the great cultural institutions of the West, and the Rebels can’t even get their videos monetized on YouTube, let alone take on an army of social justice clones.

A New Hope?

Is there a new hope on the horizon? Many people have placed their trust in the most unlikely hero ever, bad-mouthed burger-loving President Donald Trump. If he turns out to be the next Skywalker, Yoda must be sitting on a cloud somewhere laughing and twittering: “Strong in this one the Force is!”


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