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What’s Left of the Week: George Takei, Oh My!

by | Nov 13, 2017 | Satire

Allegations of sexual harassment continue to pop up everywhere – pun intended. It’s a touchy subject, one could say. One shouldn’t ever say that, of course, but one could. The latest group of suspected perverts are Judge Roy Moore, famed shark-hunting lefty Richard Dreyfuss, Famed Trump-bashing star-trekker George Takei and famed he-starred-in-bunch-of-movies guy Kevin Spacey.

In a weird way, they are all linked. It’s like the game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon – only with less Bacon and more Spacey. Try to follow along; there may be a quiz later.

Roy Moore has spent a lot of time preaching about morality; George Takei has become famous for taking to Twitter to lecture President Trump about morality; George Takei has been in space, but not in Spacey (as far as we know); Richard Dreyfuss had a close encounter, but not with either George Takei or Kevin Spacey (as far as we know) but Dreyfuss’s son was molested by Kevin Spacey.

The Moore The Merrier?

Is would-be Alabama Senator Moore guilty, or is he not? His accusers materialized at a most opportune time but, then again, what decent human being would bad-mouth a woman who comes forward with such a claim? Hillary Clinton would, of course, but what decent human being…

Since Roy Moore does appear to be a man totally devoid of anything remotely resembling a sense of humor, we can move on.

Spacey’s Final Frontier

Kevin Spacey recently became the target of multiple claims of inappropriate sexual behavior. In a “stroke” of genius, he immediately came out as a gay man. This courageous revelation, he assumed, would provide him with some cover. George Takei is furious that he never thought of this years ago.

Not So Curious George

Takei, who played spaceship driver Hikaru Sulu in the original Star Trek series, has been trying to boldly go where no man has gone before, apparently. It appears that our phasers were not at the right setting since no-one is stunned. It has been widely accepted that Takei has been at warp 10 for decades. The star denies the allegation made by Scott R. Brunton. We now know, of course, why only William Shatner’s character, Captain Kirk – and never Sulu –was allowed to say, “Beam me up, Scottie.”

It is rumored that Takei desperately wanted a role in the franchise’s 2013 release Star Trek: Into Darkness, due to a complete misunderstanding of the plot.

The Great White Richard

Richard Dreyfuss has been accused by Los Angeles-based writer Jessica Teich of harassing her over a roughly three-year period and, on one occasion, exposing himself to her. There is no confirmation that, when he did so, he remarked: “We’re gonna need a bigger boat!”

Though sexual assault and harassment is no laughing matter, the deluge of accusations makes it impossible, almost, to keep a straight face. How low has the culture sunk that we could even think such a thing? Five minutes spent on social media will demonstrate how much mirth and ridicule has been inspired by what should be extremely serious matters. We laugh, however, because of the mind-numbing hypocrisy of it all. Morality – or lack of it – has become a cudgel with which to beat our political foes into silence. It seems, however, that no-one has a monopoly on decent behavior

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