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London Lockdown Protest: It’s Time to Take Freedom Back

The Brits have clearly had enough of the COVID crackdown. Is it time to end the madness?

The most remarkable thing about the global community’s response to the COVID 19 pandemic is how entire nations, with little more than a shrug, allowed themselves to be deprived of their jobs, forbidden from socializing, and – for at least a time in 2020 – effectively confined to their homes. While some countries have seen protests against the lockdowns and other restrictions enacted in response to the pandemic, the British, for the most part, it would seem, took it on the chin and went along with their government’s draconian restraining measures. Not anymore though, apparently. On April 24, thousands – or perhaps tens of thousands – of fed-up Brits descended upon London to voice their objections to the continuing restrictions imposed upon them.

The media in both the U.K. and the U.S. largely refused to cover the event. The BBC made a ridiculous attempt to play down the number of demonstrators. Popular protest against statist overreach terrifies those reporters and editors who themselves have a statist agenda. The last thing they want to do is make other “ordinary people” aware that a mass movement against government abuse of power is afoot.


Power is the Virus

The precise origin of this virus is still unknown, or, at least, is being kept from the public. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a brain surgeon – or even a rocket surgeon – to take a pretty good guess at its exact birthplace.

Still a matter of speculation is why the world’s governments reacted the way they did. Everyday life was simply brought to a standstill on the edicts of political leaders who were supposedly acting on the advice of medical experts. Economies died and millions of people across the globe were effectively subjected to mass incarceration. Meanwhile, more than a year later, it has become clear that those medical experts were either entirely incompetent or were, for reasons of their own, deceiving both the general public and the people they were supposed to be advising.

Almost nothing that the citizens of the so-called free world have been told about COVID-19 has turned out to be accurate. To this day, no indisputable scientific evidence exists that forcing people to wear masks was of any benefit. An objective study of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website will confirm this. There’s a lot of supposition and more than a little assumption but try to pinpoint the unquestionable scientific evidence that masks are protecting people and one will be disappointed.

Most importantly, it is now no longer a secret that, at least in the U.S. and quite probably in every other country, More than 60% of all those who have supposedly been killed by this virus were seniors – and most of those suffered from various pre-existing medical conditions.

Add to that the fact that nobody really knows how many of the fatalities chalked up to COVID-19 can be confirmed as deaths that resulted directly from infection. The conclusion – and it is one that no competent, self-respecting medical professional would dispute – is that, to healthy people under the age of around 60, COVID-19 poses very little threat at all: certainly nowhere near anything that would justify the outrageously oppressive measures taken by the governments of Europe, the U.S., and Canada.

A Waking Consciousness?

History has shown that at certain times, a sort of mass consciousness takes over and large sections of civilian populations quickly come to the very same conclusions. Often in the past. this mass consciousness has led to a rash of revolutions or civil wars. At other times, it has sparked less violent political and social changes. The massive demonstrations in London may be a sign that even in the relatively repressive countries of Europe (relatively repressive to the extent that citizens of the Western world once took for granted much more freedom than they enjoy today) are finally asserting that they are no longer prepared to be treated like vassals.

The many thousands who marched in Britain’s capital will no longer be denied the basic right to move about the country freely, to socialize, to work, to play, and to live with a level of dignity that should really never be in question in a supposedly free, civilized, and democratic society.

Perhaps London is a wake-up call to the people of other European countries and Americans, too. Governments do not grant freedom – freedom is a natural state of being – and governments do not have the right to take that freedom away. At what point will the citizens of other countries decide to bring an end to this grotesque power trip and demand their lives back?


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