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LN Radio 1/17/21 – Trump to Biden: Back to the Future?

Will Biden simply return to familiar establishment rule, or turn sharply to the left?

by | Jan 17, 2021 | LN Radio, Politics

January 20th beckons, and the transition from Donald Trump to Joe Biden is about as stark as could be. A return to the days and ways of establishment rule – or perhaps a sharp turn to the left – is just days away. But one thing’s for sure. It won’t be America First or Make America Great Again. We examine how the politics and culture of the country is likely to change upon the return of the #2 man in the Obama administration, and the departure of arguably, or perhaps inarguably, the most controversial president in American history. And so, we unleash our first 2021 Liberty Nation Radio B&B panel… the best and brightest from LibertyNation.com: Political Columnist Joe SchaefferSocio-political correspondent Jeff Charles and Heartland Correspondent Sarah Cowgill.

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