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The Left, Not Islam, Poses Greatest Threat to America

Many people are worried about the threat that Islam poses to the West. The fear is understandable but misplaced. Islam is a religion stuck in pre-medieval times and has rarely produced any civilizational, scientific or technological advancements. At least 40% of Muslims worldwide are illiterate. Muslim nations are unable to manufacture even the most elementary of things without the aid of Western engineering, knowledge and technology. To a strong civilization, Islam can never pose a threat.

The only reason Islam ever was able to conquer two-thirds of the Christian territories after the death of Muhammed was that the Roman and Persian empires had weakened themselves and each other through centuries of warfare. Also, plague and famine had decimated the population in the Mediterranean region, leaving them vulnerable to attack.

Islam was never strong. The West had become weak.  That is why the fear of Islam is misplaced. The true enemy of the West is the left, an enemy from within which weakens it by destroying its cultural and political immune system. In many ways, the left is like HIV, and Islam is like a cold. A cold is annoying but hardly life-threatening to someone with a healthy immune system. To someone ravaged by AIDS, however, even the common cold can be lethal.

The problems that we are now facing with Islam are only symptoms of the left’s success in paralyzing the West and preventing it from asserting itself. Islam serves as a distraction, allowing the left to destroy the West from within.

Karl Marx

For more than a century, the left has waged a relentless jihad on the West. In the 19th century, Karl Marx saw Christianity as the cultural carrier and defender of a capitalist system and launched a staunch attack on religion in general, and Christianity in particular. He believed that, if he could undermine Christian values, it would be much easier to replace capitalism with utopian socialism.

As a well-spoken intellectual, Karl Marx attracted many academics to his cause, and gradually left-wing radicals took over western universities. From this position of intellectual power, they were slowly able to poison the minds of the most talented youths by feeding them lies that turned them into enemies of their own civilization.

They accomplished this feat by subtly rewriting the history books. Today, most positive elements of Western civilization have been erased from academia. Modern students do not learn that capitalism raised billions of people out of poverty and that every single day millions of people are entering the middle class around the globe, thanks to free market economics.

At the same time, negative things about other cultures have been carefully removed. Ask an average student in university, and he will know nothing about the one hundred million people who were effectively murdered under communist totalitarianism. He has not been made aware that almost all places that suffer from poverty in the world are governed by left-wing, anti-capitalistic regimes.

Instead, leftist professors teach only about the vices and atrocities that have occurred in our own history. As a student, you will learn that the West became rich due to slavery and imperialism, but they will never teach that slavery was endemic to all cultures across the world, and that it was Western Christian nations which ultimately abolished slavery.

The professors proclaim that all the wealth we have was stolen from wonderful, peaceful cultures around the world. You will learn that whites are fundamentally racist, but they will not mention that all these cultures from which we allegedly stole our wealth had been dirt poor for thousands of years and that any racism that existed in the West pales in comparison to that of other cultures.

The professors may not use words like “evil,” but they don’t have to. Students infer this conclusion on their own based on the lies they are fed. They conclude that the West in general, and America in particular, must be destroyed so that all the other nice and wonderful cultures of the world can blossom again and create the nirvana that existed prior to our ruthless impoverishment and exploitation.

The worst part is that decent conservatives and libertarians across the world have allowed this to happen practically without moral resistance. Why? The left has found the great weakness of conservatives: their conscience and decency. When someone accuses them of being racist or some other form of evil, their reflex is to apologize and appease. The more conservatives appease, the louder the left screams racism – because it works.

The cultural decay of our civilization will continue until conservatives choose to stand up and say “enough.” And the first step in what will certainly be a long process of restoring respect for American culture and values is to quit apologizing, and cease appeasing the left.

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