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Left Declares War on 2A – Again

by | Nov 6, 2018 | Articles, Gun Control, Politics

The right to keep and bear arms is once again under attack. While many on the political left would love to revoke that right, it would be difficult for a state to outright ban guns altogether without any legal ramifications. Or would it?

In recent months, top Democrats, media personalities, and far-left groups have progressively advanced the idea of imposing gun control that many argue would grossly infringe on the Second Amendment. The U.S. Constitution guarantees all citizens the right to bear arms. It does not mention a single word about only some firearms, bullets, or magazines being legal for citizens.

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Several top Democrats have indicated they want increased gun control, and the election of Democrat Stacey Abrams as the next governor of Georgia would catapult that into action.

Stacey Abrams

Some May Have To ‘Turn Their Guns In’

During an interview on CNN with host Jake Tapper, Abrams admitted that a possible outcome of her gun control policies could be that “people would turn their guns in.”

Abrams’ admission is quite powerful, since under her reign, some citizens would be forced to turn in their firearms to the government. Throughout the interview, she made a series of statements that teetered along similar lines.

When grilled by Tapper for specifics, Abrams revealed that her gun control plan may involve options such as “buybacks,” “some people turning their guns in,” and/or “grandfathering in” certain firearms. That would mean current gun owners could keep their firearms but would be prohibited from selling or transferring them to other individuals.

Abrams went on to call for more gun control of “semiautomatic weapons.” Tapper then reminded viewers that when she served as minority leader of the Georgia House of Representatives, Abrams co-sponsored Georgia HB 731 in January 2016. Tapper noted that Abrams’ co-sponsors admitted at the time that the bill would “require gun owners of these particular models to turn their guns in.”

Abrams not only didn’t hide her support for the bill, she told Tapper that it was the beginning of “a conversation.”

Recently, Abrams gained national attention after she described AR-15s as “weapons of mass destruction” and argued that she believes they must be banned.

Dems Going All In for Abrams

[perfectpullquote align=”left” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=”24″]Abrams’ stance on gun control is strongly supported among Democrats. [/perfectpullquote]

Abrams is currently locked in a heated race with Republican Brian Kemp, a pro-Trump conservative who has voiced his support for the president’s tough immigration policies and building the wall along the country’s southern border.

Democrats heavily invested time, money, resources, and political capital in Abrams. Oprah Winfrey went door-to-door to speak with potential voters; former President Barack Obama held a rally with her; and the Hollywood elites poured money into her coffers. Democrats pulled out their biggest guns to get Abrams over the finish line.

Democrats Support Her Position

Make no mistake, Democrats are keenly aware of Abrams’ policies and what she hopes to accomplish if she wins on Election Day. Perhaps even scarier, Abrams’ stance on gun control is strongly supported among Democrats.

According to a Quinnipiac poll from April, 33% of Democrats favored repealing the Second Amendment. Consider that for a second. More than one-third of Democrats support completely repealing a constitutional right to bear arms.

In March, former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens published an opinion piece in The New York Times making the case for repealing the Second Amendment. A former justice of the highest court in the land advocated erasing the Second Amendment.

In fact, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi revealed that House Democrats will make it a top priority to pass gun control legislation if Democrats retake the U.S. House of Representatives.

Abrams is hardly the first Democrat to support such a proposal. But if she becomes the next governor of Georgia, it will mainstream the idea of eroding the Second Amendment.

And if she loses, Democrats have proven they will likely move on to another issue they believe will harm Trump and Republicans. From impeachment to Russiagate, the left has proven its ability to manufacture headlines aimed at going after the president.

Should the Democrats take the majority and Pelosi hold the gavel, one has to wonder if the nation can take two years of the left attempting to dismantle and reverse everything Trump and Republicans have achieved so far.

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