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Kids Housed With Sex Offenders in Massachusetts Migrants Machine

The casualty count is high as Democrat-controlled government engages in human trafficking.

If you think the inundation of illegal migrants into the US is really about helping vulnerable people, you may want to check out what’s happening in Massachusetts. As the mass movement of bodies into the Bay State surpasses crisis status, women and children are being placed in mortal danger by a process that regards them as nothing more than statistics.

“[Democrat] Governor Maura Healey’s administration has placed hundreds of homeless families, many of them migrants with young children, in hotels with registered sex offenders, suggesting the state failed to properly vet the sites in its haste to shelter a surge of families arriving from the US southern border,” The Boston Globe reported May 17.

Outrageous does not even begin to describe the Pilgrim State’s alien absorption program.

‘Put At Serious Risk’

“At least five of the hotels and one dormitory that the state has tapped as homeless shelters also housed or employed sex offenders who have been convicted of crimes against children, including child rape, indecent assault and battery on children, and child pornography,” the Globe writes. Massachusetts Republican Party Chairwoman Amy Carnevale slammed Healey for what she calls “atrocious oversight.”

“As a parent, I am utterly disgusted by the State’s incompetence in housing child migrants alongside convicted child predators,” Carnevale said, WFXT-TV in Boston reports. “This glaring oversight underscores that Massachusetts is unable to handle the migrant crisis. The consequences are dire: residents lose access to community resources, the Democratic supermajority is spending billions of taxpayer dollars on perpetuating this crisis, and migrants themselves are put at serious risk.”

Carnevale is pointing out the collateral damage that comes with the large-scale importation of waves of foreign aliens into one US state. Is failure of oversight really the correct term when a ruling political party engages in human trafficking under the official auspices of government?

Healey’s administration is not merely presiding over an enormous operation that presents the possibility of grievous harm. People have already been violently assaulted within the Massachusetts migrants pipeline. She has responded with public remarks so detached from the disaster she has helped nurture that they have sparked national disgust.

In March, Healey was asked on camera by WFXT about the alleged rape of a 15-year-old disabled girl by a 26-year-old “humanitarian parole” alien at a Comfort Inn that was turned into an emergency assistance shelter for migrants. Both the girl and the reputed perpetrator are Haitians.

“Unfortunately, we have security and systems in place, we have vetting in place. It is unfortunate from time to time things will happen,” she stated. A young disabled girl is raped and the governor of Massachusetts publicly states that stuff happens. This is the callous mindset that is part and parcel of the migrant invasion of America.

More Money for Migrants

“Massachusetts is spending about $75 million each month on state-run shelters, a massive jump in expenses that comes as Gov. Maura Healey’s administration is expected to run out of cash for emergency services in early to mid-April without another financial infusion,” The Boston Herald reported March 22.

New Banner Illegal ImmigrationHealey got her extra wheelbarrow of taxpayer money. The state budget she signed into law after it passed the Democrat-controlled legislature devoted an additional $426 million to house migrants.

“According to a report, Massachusetts currently has more than one million illegal aliens residing in the state. It is expected to cost taxpayers over one billion dollars by 2025 to house them,” Townhall notes.

Seven million people live in Massachusetts. The state is literally being transformed by an avalanche of foreigners ushered in under the welcoming eye of Maura Healey and her fellow Democrats.

Rape a Child, Get Out on Bail

“Everybody, including him, who enters our shelter locations is vetted,” Healey stated during a discussion about the alleged rapist of the handicapped girl. It’s not a very vigorous review. Sexual assaults by migrants have become commonplace in Massachusetts. Local law enforcement does not seem too concerned about it.

In late March, a Brazilian “noncitizen” was arrested by US Border Patrol officials in Lowell after being charged with “rape of child and enticement of a child under 16.” The alleged perp was originally arrested in Maine and transferred to the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office in Massachusetts, ICE states.

From there, he was transferred to Milford District Court. Here’s how it handled an illegal alien charged with sexual assault of a minor.

“The Milford District Court arraigned him on the charges and the criminal court judge set a $5,000 bail with GPS monitoring requirements,” ICE details. “On Jan. 25, the Milford District Court failed to honor [an ICE] immigration detainer and released the noncitizen from custody after he paid $5,000 in bail.”

A full two months later, he was finally nabbed by ICE in Lowell.

In the immortal words of Maura Healey, “things will happen.” Unfortunately for the citizens of Massachusetts as well as the migrants being herded into the state like cattle, more heinous brutalities are bound to occur as this deliberate and inhumane mass movement of peoples into America’s interior continues.

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