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Chinese Spy Games Courtesy of an Open Border

Biden admin practically rolls out the welcome mat for Beijing’s spies.

One of President Joe Biden’s open border policy chickens has come home to roost. An illegal alien from China has been caught infiltrating a California Marine Corps installation.

Isolated encounters with Chinese nationals attempting to surveil US military installations are not new. Reports reveal more than 100 such incursions have taken place over the last few years. Concerning now, however, is the growing number of unaccompanied Chinese adult males of military age streaming into the United States illegally. Five US senators led by Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS) wrote a letter to Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, pointing out that:

“[O]ver 18,000 Chinese nationals have illegally crossed the southern border in Fiscal Year 2023, with some of these individuals having ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA). July set the record for nationwide encounters with Chinese nationals with just over 6,100. 94.8 percent of Chinese national encounters in FY23 have been single adults. This trend poses a significant threat to our national security.”

And these figures refer to only those Chinese nationals apprehended. What about the ones who have penetrated the US border as got-aways?

“Despite the distances involved and the difficulties of the journey, more than 24,000 Chinese citizens have been apprehended crossing into the United States from Mexico in the past year,” a New York Times article notes. “That is more than in the preceding 10 years combined, according to government data.” So, no one should be surprised that a Chinese spy has been apprehended on a US military base.

In the latest instance on March 27, the would-be interloper drove up to the Condor Gate at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center in Twentynine Palms, CA, and, according to what Marine spokesperson Maj. Joshua Pena told Military.com, “briefly made it past the gate guards … but was immediately apprehended by military police.” Regarding the incident, Chief Border Patrol Agent Gregory Bovino wrote on X, “Subject was confirmed to be in the country illegally. His purpose & intent behind his actions are still being investigated.”

China Sets Sights on Guam

Spies on America’s shores are not limited to the US southern border. Chinese illegals are also headed to Guam. Fox News Digital reports, “Rep. James Moylan of Guam warned that the territory is being ‘infiltrated’ by an influx of illegal Chinese migrants … [H]e is seeking aid from the Biden administration to combat the matter and protect the island – something that he says is critical for the United States’ deterrence efforts against the Chinese Communist Party.” The growing influx of illegal Chinese nationals endangers the military installations on Guam, primarily Anderson Air Force Base, a critical Indo-Pacific staging base for America’s strategic aerial tanker units, as well as B-52H and B-1B bombers, on a rotational basis. Anderson is a major hub for Air Mobility Command’s airlift and tanker operations throughout the Indo-Pacific region.

Additionally, Anderson supports 8,000 joint service members, contract employees, and government personnel on site and 27,000 others at Naval Base Guam and Marine Corps Base Camp Blaz. Consequently, Anderson is an ideal target for Beijing espionage and sabotage. The Air Force base on Guam maintains the largest munitions and fuel storage facilities in the US Air Force. Moylan’s concerns are not trivial.

Stemming the tide of illegal aliens into the United States is a day-to-day national security challenge with the Biden administration’s willingness to allow serious threats like unfettered access across America’s southern and overseas borders. Lately, military bases have become Beijing’s infiltration targets of choice.

The views expressed are those of the author and not of any other affiliate.

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