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If America is Systemically Racist, Why Is Our Border Flooded?

Progressives have cultivated a blood libel about the nation that is rejected by the rest of humanity.

by | Oct 16, 2021 | Articles, Good Reads, Opinion, Politics

They keep coming, wave after wave of desperate souls, cashing in their former lives and even their families for a wing and a prayer. It is more than just a slogan that they yearn to breathe free, for they are willing to endure often unspeakable hardship to complete the tortuous journey to America’s southern border.

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But why? Over these last years, we have been constantly lectured by progressives about the sins of a nation so broad and deep that this whole experiment in ordered liberty must be cashiered. We are witnessing in real time their attempts to force feed us European-style social democracy or pure socialism – as if that system of governance had not already been tried over and over and found not just wanting, but ruinous. America is a breeding ground for systemic racism, they tell us, because we were founded for the express purpose of providing a foothold for slavery in North America. So we must tear down the system and start all over.

This raises the question of why anyone – especially people of color – would want to give up their lives to come to this cesspool if life here is that awful. In fact, it is so awful that we need to drop another $3.5 trillion in the barely livable bucket of despair which are these United States of America – even though it is merely a token gesture for a country that is ultimately irredeemable because of its original sin.

And still, they come in numbers rarely if ever seen.

Have we stopped for even a moment to consider this spectacular incongruity? People of color are literally dying to reach our land, while progressives promote a blood libel about a nation teeming with every manner of right-wing phobia that has rendered life here unlivable for all but privileged and protected white people. Do these progressives even realize how laughable it is to argue that the type of people who are victims of this racist society are the exact same ones desperate to get here at almost any cost?

New banner Memo - From the Desk of Senior Political Analyst Tim Donner 1The reality is that the only people who want to actually leave the country are the progressives, particularly the woke celebrities, who do so every time a Republican is elected president. Oh wait, they only threaten to do so, but always back down in the end, never apologizing for breaking their promise or admitting that they could possibly live in this land while George Bush or Donald Trump was president.

Meanwhile, the rest of humanity is still looking for ways into the country. Is this inconvenient fact lost on the left?

And it’s kind of a major fact, too – just like another truth they conveniently overlook when wailing about systemic racism from the comfort of New York’s upper west side and similarly tony neighborhoods on the two coasts. This is the only country in the history of civilization, from beginning to the present day, that actually fought a war – and sacrificed hundreds of thousands of lives – to abolish slavery. But the progressives discuss only the original existence of slavery before the war, and the inevitable residual racism which remained after the war, to represent the entirety of the struggle to render the Constitution meaningful for all our citizens. Yes, in the progressive worldview, the Civil War didn’t really change anything about the unrelentingly racist nature of this country.

They explain their entire twisted worldview under the umbrella of critical race theory. And while they cleverly explain that CRT is not taught as a stand-alone curriculum, they even more cleverly seek to infuse its debunked, toxic falsehoods into every element of a child’s education. The message could not be clearer: Life is cruel in America if you’re not white.

And still, black and brown, they come.

To demonstrate just how delusional these progressives are, a recent poll revealed that the majority of self-identified “very liberal” respondents, evidently reacting hysterically to the death of George Floyd despite their much-ballyhooed high IQs, opined that somewhere between 1,000 and more than 10,000 unarmed black men are killed by police each year. The actual number for 2020 was – wait for it – 18.

And for all the talk of whites killing blacks as if an epidemic were in progress, according to the U.S. National Victimization Study, just 3% of serious crimes are committed by whites against blacks in the average year. Between 70% and 90% are black-on-white crimes. But facts no longer get in the way of a well-crafted progressive narrative.

These deconstructionists lend new meaning to the term “alternative facts,” acting like spoiled children who want their every radical, virtue-signaling whim indulged by mainstream political thinkers and everyday Americans. But the pesky fact of those thousands of people still prepared to risk everything to reach what they believe to be the promised land, while a critical mass in our own land are questioning the viability of the founding itself as never before, leads to a remarkable conclusion: People living outside our borders apparently understand and appreciate the essence of America more than a shockingly high number of folks blessed to be living inside them.

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