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Free Rein for Democrats? – LN Radio Videocast

Are they on the precipice of a clean sweep of the 2020 election, or a rude awakening?

Welcome to 2021 … can it possibly be any worse than 2020? Prospective president Joe Biden predicts a dark winter and accuses President Trump of hollowing out the federal government and not distributing COVID vaccines fast enoughTrump goes all-in on his claims that the election was stolen. So as we mercifully kiss 2020 goodbye and head for what we all hope are the safer shores of 2021, has the political climate changed? How will Georgia vote on Tuesday, determining how much power the Democrats will have for the next two years? And how about vaccination nation? Will enough people take the vaccine to immunize the population anytime soon? And, after Obama then Trump then Biden, do the American people really know what they want? We’ll talk it all over as we’re joined by LibertyNation.com’s outspoken Political Columnist Joe Schaeffer and Legal Affairs Editor Scott D. Cosenza.

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