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A call to arms is being sent out to Democrats seeking to run for office in the next elections: Abolish ICE! Powerful words depicting terror and brutality are used as a weapon, branding the immigration control agency as racists and terrorists. Those who support ICE are considered white supremacists and the left is building on these radical claims to help win Democratic elections.

Former Hillary Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon tweeted that: “ICE operates as an unaccountable deportation force. Dems running in 2020 should campaign on ending the agency in its current form.”

Dems Against Ice

But he is by far not the only one speaking out heavily. The Nation conducted an interview of mostly Dems and those against ICE:

“ICE is terrorizing American communities right now,” said Angel Padilla, policy director of the Indivisible Project. “They’re going into schools, entering hospitals, conducting massive raids, and separating children from parents every day. We are funding those activities, and we need to use all the leverage we have to stop it.”

Sean McElwee, a reporter for The Nation, obviously spent a long time seeking out opponents of ICE as the long article did not include much if any, opinions from supporters.

“ICE as it presently exists is an agency devoted almost solely to cruelly and wantonly breaking up families,” said Dan Canon who is running for Congress in Indiana’s ninth district.“The agency talks about, and treats, human beings like they’re animals. They scoop up people in their apartments or their workplaces and take them miles away from their spouses and children.”

Recent ICE raids in California have only stroked the liberal’s outraged fires. Gov. Jerry Brown, in a press conference, said this is “a political stunt. It’s not about the truth. It’s not about protecting our state. It’s about dividing America.”

Spinning Speeches

Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) was asked if she supported Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ visit to the Golden State and his obvious support of ICE. In a perfect example of how the left picks and chooses the information they feel is relevant, Jack Mirkinson for Splinter argued that she said the right things about Sessions, but the senator praised ICE. Harris said ICE has a purpose but that it should not abuse its power. Mirkinson, for some reason, took offense to that. He wrote:

“What Harris’ seemingly reasonable response misses—beyond the fact that there is an entire gigantic and ugly criminal justice system already dealing with serious and violent crimes, and that we don’t need to throw in a white nationalist goon squad on top of it—is that there is no way to prevent ICE from ‘abusing’ its power. Abuse of power is baked into its very core. It exists to cause misery and terror, and has successfully carried out that task under both Democratic and Republican presidents. Under Donald Trump, it has shown beyond all possible doubt that it is too morally bankrupt to be reformed.”

The left is trying to destroy America – not ICE. We have laws for a reason. Why should immigrants be immune to our justice system? Rapists, murderers and other criminals are separated from their families, why should criminal illegal aliens be any different?

California drew the battle line by becoming a sanctuary state and endangering not only its own citizens but the rest of us as well. Their refusal to cooperate with immigration control is a loud beacon drawing illegal immigrants from all over like a high-powered magnet. As ICE Acting Director Tom Homan said, even the state’s law enforcement is against the new sanctuary laws. The California Sheriff’s Association said in a statement that they oppose the laws because it releases criminals, including “gang members and other serious offenders” back into the communities.

Racist ICE

McElwee said “White supremacy can no longer be the center of the immigration debate…It’s time to rein in the greatest threat we face: an unaccountable strike force executing a campaign of ethnic cleansing.”

The left’s uncanny ability to dramatize everything has been serving its purpose. When protecting our borders and deporting violent criminals is described as “ethnic cleansing,” people take notice. Horror pictures move through the imagination complete with the historical terrors of Hitler. Images of screaming and crying children being ripped from their mothers’ breasts grips the hearts of the masses.

It’s a low-blow tactic, but a very effective one. Claiming ICE is storming into workplaces and homes conjures fear, but the left conveniently leaves out the fact that if California and other sanctuary cities complied with immigration control, the agency wouldn’t be forced to go into workplaces and communities so much.

As Homan said:

“More people are going to die trying to come into this country because they think they can get to a state or a city where they’re going to be shielded from immigration enforcement.”

And let’s not forget how dramatically the crime rate will rise.


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